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The Fate Worlds line provides compact, rich, affordable, gorgeous settings with a ready-to-go adventure for GMs in a pinch. Buy one this afternoon, be ready to run this evening.

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Ngen Mapu

The Land is sick, and humans are the cause.

Not all of them, of course, and therein lies the problem. Civilization—that brash, incomprehensible, recent invention of humanity—tends to corrupt what it does not understand. And people really don’t truly understand the Land (or mapu)… not any more.

As ngen—mighty, immortal, shapeshifting, and largely pacifistic beings from beyond the dawn of time—you each act as guardian of some aspect of the Land, be it water, laughter, lightning, dreams, or some other essential concept of existence. It’s your job to undo the harm done to the Land and thereby move the world towards a better form.

But how can you guard the Land against something you barely understand yourself, when the path of violence risks turning you toward corruption and becoming a wekufe, a creature of darkness and destruction? Find out in Ngen Mapu, a new Fate World of Adventure of South American urban fantasy from Helena Real.

Inside this 43-page supplement you’ll find:

  • An urban fantasy setting that merges modern civilization with the South American myths of the Mapuche people
  • Rules and advice on shifting away from conflicts as the main form of resolution, to support the pacifistic approaches of the ngen
  • Three new skills to reflect the preternatural abilities of the ngen: Heart, Wisdom, and Shapeshift (as well as some other alterations to the default Fate Core skill list)
  • Rules for tainted fate points which tempt the ngen towards corruption
  • Scale rules representing how difficult it is to change an aspect of the world with your mythic abilities
  • A starting adventure for your ngen: The Mother in the Doorstep

Take the form of an animal, a stream, a leaf, a person, an idea.
Restore the Land as one of the ngen.

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Wolf’s Head

Feudal England is a cruel and unfair place. The commoners labour all their lives for the benefit of knights and lords to feast and fight. Most commoners aren’t even allowed to leave the land allotted to them. When there is a foreign war, another punitive tax comes along, and whole villages are burned for not paying. And for the most part, the people duck their heads, take cover, and hope it doesn’t happen to them.

But not you. You’ve had enough, and snapped, defying the local lord. You’re now a criminal—a wolf’s head—in the name of the law, and labelled a bandit or worse. An outlaw, driven to the fringes, forever on the run.

On the run… but not alone. There are others who think like you, and together you’re more than just bandits. You’re rebels, fighting for the common people, doing what you can to help them while spitting in the eyes of the nobility.

Can you and your not-so-merry band rise up and win the day? Find out in Wolf’s Head, a new Fate World of Adventure in the spirit of Robin Hood from Paul Mitchell.

Inside this 42-page supplement you’ll find:

  • Rules for creating your outlaws and the band aspect that binds them together.
  • Specialized subsystems for treasure, the support of the people, boons, and more.
  • An escalating threat monitor, triggering big events in the story as it increases.
  • System support for calling on the old gods, and the dark sorceries you may face.
  • An exploration of feudal and outlaw life in Norman England, including a developed setting to start your campaign, and a ready-to-play starter scenario: The Bishop’s Treasure.

The Bishop’s men are on the move, and sorrow’s sure to follow. Let’s show them what it really means to be a Wolf’s Head!

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Iron Street Combat

Five minutes into our past, shadow governments, crime syndicates, evil corporations, and creepy cults pour incalculable resources into hiring some lady with muscles to punch their enemies until they take can over the world.

That lady is you.

Iron Street Combat brings you the international backdrops, larger-than-life characters, and dynastic intrigue of Street Fighter, Tekken, and Mortal Kombat without making you memorize button combinations (or complex combat mechanics). You’ll create a stable of characters with interconnected backstories and distinctive fighting styles, as well as powerful but entangled factions for them to join or oppose—or else go up against the devil-helmed Naraka Conglomerate, the mysterious Iga Ninja, or the legendary Wǔdāng Clan.

With nothing but your fists and your hunger for victory between you and the wrath of wicked dictators, ancient war gods, or invaders from another dimension, you’ll create a battle fit for an unskippable cut scene.

Do you have what it takes to emerge from the trials of one-on-one combat as the supreme champion? Find out in Iron Street Combat, a new Fate World of Adventure from James Mendez Hodes.

Inside this 61-page supplement you’ll find:

  • Detailed rules for Matches, a new type of conflict for Fate that recreates the excitement of button-mashing combat video games
  • Seven fighting styles for use in Matches
  • Seven detailed sample factions with rules for creating new ones and for supporting conflict between factions and players, including seven sample champions to play—or fight
  • A new skill list focused on roles as your areas of expertise
  • Conspiracies, mayhem, and full-force fisticuffs as the tools to rule or change the world

Demons to the left of you, ninjas to the right? It’s time for Iron Street Combat!

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Til Dawn

In the year 2121, nestled amidst the lush and varied natural landscapes of the world is the most progressive DJ competition on the planet: Til Dawn. These idyllic landscapes where glass and fiberplastics glint white and weave throughout waterfalls, where hovering platforms drift through the hollows of vast canyons and beyond, prove the perfect locales for creating phenomenal musical experiences.

Famous DJ Squads come to compete for the title of the Planet’s Next DJ Superstars. To create their sounds and effects DJs wear Shells: cybernetically enhanced bodies that they can switch out and customize to create fully integrated multi-sensual experiences. Til Dawn is of course broadcast live for the most ultimate real drama possible. Competitors not only have to excel at increasingly difficult music challenges, but also juggle relationships, the public perception of their personas, and sabotage from other DJ Squads.

Can you work with your DJ Squad to come out on top and win the prestigious planetary title? Or will your crew be crushed by the drama? Find out in Til Dawn, a new Fate World of Adventure from Kira Magrann.

Inside this 58-page supplement you’ll find:

  • Character creation that focuses on designing your DJs from their music to their moods, relationships, and technologically enhanced skins.
  • A detailed system for staging tense, exciting, and creative musical competitions. No musical skill required on the part of the players!
  • A relationships system that drives the drama. Sure, you can lay down the beats — but will your squad remain friends through it all?
  • Sample DJs, DJ squads, and locations for your music festivals.
  • An example session set in the Borobudur Sky Amphitheater.

Pump up the volume and bring that future sound back around with Til Dawn!

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The Clockwinders

The Clockwinders

The world is broken, and its clocks with it.

The Clockwinders are an organization charged with maintaining Cadvini’s movement cores—powerful, ancient artifacts that lock the world’s rotation in place, allowing for a temperate zone where society can flourish. But the cores have begun to fail, bringing the threat of fire, frost, and Fey with them.

As one of the Clockwinders, you will journey across the face of Cadvini, through aether-tained ruins and by barely-functional rail, to restore the clockwork order of the world before it is too late. Will you persevere, or fall to the machinations of the Fey? Find out in The Clockwinders, a Fate World of Adventure by Jahmal Brown.

The Clockwinders requires Fate Core to play. Inside this 46-page supplement, you’ll find:

  • A clockwork fantasy world teetering on the brink of disaster.
  • Rules for character creation featuring skill modes, custom conditions, and aetheric magic (an Extra).
  • Guidance for using the Deck of Fate in play.
  • The adventure track, a method for tracking progress through the storyline using conditions and aspects.
  • 7 detailed destinations for your adventure in solving the Cadvini Crisis.

It’s up to the Clockwinders to discover what’s amiss and set it right. Go Clockwinders!

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Almbrecht After Dark

Mysterious, sharp-fingered Jacks haunt the eaves of the city of Almbrecht and threaten its citizens’ dreams. No one knows where they come from. No one knows how to get rid of them. And the countryside is wracked by partisan violence that promises worse to come.

Play as a thaumaturge, trying to find a way to protect citizens against the Jacks as trade slows to a crawl. Or as a young veteran who can’t tell if their nightmares come from the Jacks or not. Or as a spy stranded in the city, with no one to trust.

No one is safe when the sun goes down and you hear long fingers pattering at the glass of your windows. Nothing like the threat of madness on top of blistering summer heat and a long-simmering civil war to push a city to its breaking point… can you navigate Almbrecht’s horrors to seize its delights? Find out in Almbrecht After Dark, a Fate World of Adventure by CJ Thompson.

Almbrecht After Dark requires Fate Core to play. Inside this 48-page supplement, you’ll find:

  • An industrial-era setting that mixes conspiracy, politics, labor disputes, and the supernatural
  • Rules for creating compelling character-specific secrets for each of your PCs to twist to their advantage
  • Five predefined roles to kickstart character creation: labor organizer, politico, soldier, spy, and thaumaturge
  • Supernatural elements, such as a new skill, Thaumaturgy, for the creation and use of thaumaturgical goods, as well as rules for dreamwalking
  • GM tools for creating crises and conspiracies in the setting of Almbrecht

In Almbrecht, you’re only as safe as your secrets.

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The Crisp Line

In the not-too-distant future, changing your genes is like changing your name: tricky, but available for the right price.

Dozens of companies market gene-modding lines that allow the customer to take on characteristics drawn from animals or fantastical creatures. Popular packages have led to pockets of genetic divergence that some are hesitantly classifying as new “races.” Some regret their choices; others fight back against these “gene-pervs,” while others turn their eyes forward to what humanity might become.

Will you embrace this new technology or fight against it? Find out in The Crisp Line, a Fate World of Adventure by Colleen O’Rourke, where Shadowrun meets GATTACA.

The Crisp Line requires Fate Core to play. Inside this 52-page supplement, you’ll find:

  • A futuristic setting in which gene modding plays a central role
  • Rules for genetic enhancement of player characters in Fate
  • Popular genetic enhancement packages—use them or make your own
  • GM tips and resources to aid in game prep, including a random mission generator and an NPC generator
  • A sample adventure: City on the Brink

On the Crisp Line, DNA is not destiny.

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Weird World News

Check out this groovy game based off your favorite cartoons from the 1970s. Players control intrepid members of an Extreme News Team on the hunt for UFOs, ghosts, mothmen, and other cryptids.

But not all is as it seems—for every authentic cryptid uncovered, there’s another half-dozen frauds: executors disguised as bigfoot trying to bilk the rightful heirs out of an inheritance; restauranteurs in mummy bandages trying to stamp out competition; or a ruthless robber-baron masked as a vampire trying to buy land cheap.

Unveil the frauds and stop the monsters in Weird World News, the latest Fate World of Adventure from André la Roche.

Weird World News requires Fate Core to play. This 42-page supplement includes:

  • A character creation system based on archetypes usually seen in ’70s cartoons
  • A new character stat—Aptitudes—which are more pointed than Approaches and keep the game focused on classic WWN hijinks
  • An episode creation system, including random tables
  • Rules for GM-less play options, including two-player games
  • Sample characters and monsters to facilitate quick play options
  • A sample adventure: Moon for the Mothman

Hop into the Weird World News van, Griffy! Let’s hunt some monsters!

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The Way of the Pukona

The land supports its people, and we protect the land.
Welcome to the Pukona.

Long before the Spanish Conquistadors invaded their country, and even before the northern Inka tried to subdue them, the Mapuche—the “People of the Land”—thrived. They have always lived in the Mapu, where the natural and preternatural coexist. The Mapuche people rely on the pukona, young warrior-women who are both wise in the ways of the world and strong enough to confront dangers beyond human understanding.

Fight against threats visible and invisible in The Way of the Pukona, a Fate World of Adventure from Helena Real.

The Way of the Pukona requires Fate Accelerated to play. This 49-page supplement includes:

  • An extensively researched, unique fantasy set in Neolithic South America
  • Suggestions and mechanics designed to create tribal characters in Fate
  • Categorized approaches that combine methods and motivations, with reciprocal relationships between matched approach pairs
  • Character advancement and endgame guidelines
  • A sample adventure: The Doom that Came to Kellüpülli

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Welcome to the Ministry. The enemy is everywhere.

In 1958, a variety of aliens have been discovered on Earth. These aren’t the comical little green men of cheap science fiction stories; these aliens are diseases, mind-controllers, and shape-shifters. Various alien outbreaks have killed tens of thousands of people around the world, and aliens have tried to possess Josef Stalin, Jawaharlal Nehru, and (reportedly) Mao Zedong.

You are field agents of the Ministry of Rocketry, assigned to London to defend your people against the alien threat. Face off against implacable alien threats in The Ministry, a Fate World of Adventure by Jess Nevins.

The Ministry requires Fate Core to play. This 60-page supplement includes:

  • Mechanical rules for alien infection and possession.
  • Tools to help inject horror elements into your games, including a new dissonance mechanic.
  • Mechanics for cities to reflect their individual identities, and to reflect the effects of an alien invasion or infection on individual locations.
  • Rules for contests and conflicts between mobs.
  • Stunts and weaponry ideas for aliens and Ministry characters.
  • A sample adventure: Incident Harvest.

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Enter the all-too-timely world of Arecibo…

Everyone on the island knew that something was amiss when the power went out. In the municipality of Arecibo, frogs and crickets fell quiet, bringing stillness to the night. Slowly but surely, the children started to understand that something far worse than animals dwelled in their tropical paradise. When the island is abruptly blockaded by US Armed Forces, it is up to them to determine what has gone wrong when no adult will listen, and perhaps stop the very end of the world. In the far reaches of space, something stirs in response to the Arecibo message. Deep in the giant caverns of the island, something else answers. Stranger Things and the eldritch meets Puerto Rico in its darkest hours in Arecibo, a Fate World of Adventure by Nicolas Hornyak.

Arecibo requires Fate Core to play. This 43-page supplement includes:

  • Streamlined rules to make young characters, including guidelines on appropriate aspects, skills, and stunts
  • Essential background information for running games set in Arecibo, a city on the north coast of Puerto Rico, complete with drop in locations for your games
  • Transmogrification rules in Fate to define the process of character change from a normal human into an instrument of eldritch power
  • Alternate dimensions—and their inhabitants—reachable through Arecibo
  • A complete starter adventure: The Wow Child

Author Nicolas Hornyak wrote Arecibo to honor his Puerto Rican roots in the days before Hurricane Maria, and Arecibo’s stories are now more relevant than ever. Evil Hat will be donating profits from our 2018 sales of Arecibo to the UNIDOS Disaster Relief and Recovery Program organized by the Hispanic Federation.

In Arecibo, somos fuertes. We are strong.

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Steel yourself, and open the grimoire.

Daemon summoning is banned in Ganseldom by religious and civil authorities alike, but that’s never stopped ambitious nobles and warlocks. Daemons are invaluable minions when there are battles to win, secrets to steal, and coups to enact. With the recent invention of the printing press and increased literacy rates, grimoires containing the rites for daemon summoning are more common than ever.

Now you too can join the ranks of warlocks, discreetly selling your services to those rich enough to afford them. But beware, as daemons’ capricious cleverness may lead their masters to downfall rather than glory. Can you control your daemon and please your masters? Find out in Grimoire, a Fate World of Adventure by Lore Graham and Chris Caporaso.

Grimoire requires Fate Core to play. This 41-page supplement includes:

  • Character creation guidelines for warlocks in Fate, including rules for ritual magic
  • Daemon creation rules, including special skills and abilities for daemon characters
  • Extensive stunt lists for both warlocks and daemons
  • A complete background for the fantasy world of Ganseldom, including a tense balance between the church and the nobility
  • A sample adventure: The Rise of House Volio

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The Agency

Greetings, Agents. You are all dead.

Welcome to the Agency, a sophisticated espionage organization founded by [REDACTED]. Unfortunately, most of our Field Agents have been neutralized by [REDACTED]. Luckily, the Agency has prepared for this very situation with countless hours of data collection and Digital Personality Encoding, and we can now program latent Field Agent subroutines into our new recruits.

You are one of these civilians: a normal person in search of money, adventure, or fame, with multiple Field Agents hanging out in your brain. Will you succeed in your mission? Find out in The Agency, a Fate World of Adventure by Tracy Barnett.

The Agency requires Fate Core to play. This 34-page supplement includes:

  • True “super-agent” characters, where each of the Field Agent Inserts contributes knowledge and actions within a single confrontation
  • A focus on interaction between the Civilian and their Inserts designed to create interesting roleplay opportunities between each of the personalities
  • Skill sets, gear ideas, and character creation guidelines for espionage stories in Fate
  • A streamlined system to create your evil mastermind or organization, along with a sample organization
  • A complete sample adventure: Three Minutes from Midnight

Welcome (back) to the Agency.

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On The Wall

Superheroes meet teen dystopia in On the Wall, a Fate World of Adventure by Carrie Harris based on her graphic novel of the same name.

All the dry-hand-washing supervillains in the world aren’t half as scary as your average high school. The realities of being a modern day teen—drug addiction, cyberbullying, abusive relationships, absentee parents, the constant pressure to succeed—are terrifying. Add in a world full of normal, unpowered folks who are scared witless by all the superpowered mutants, and it’s a pretty scary place to grow up. But that’s just what you’ve got to do. Will you play it safe, or will you get off the wall and make a stand?

On the Wall requires Fate Accelerated to play. This 41-page supplement includes:

  • A character generation system based on cliques and social groups, as well as rules for using cliques to generate conflict in Fate.
  • Simple superpower rules and example stunts to make superhero gaming easy and quick to start.
  • A “predictable approach” mechanic to help encourage Fate Accelerated gamers to use a variety of approaches in game.
  • An assortment of story-creation mechanics, including sample plots and characters from the graphic novel.
  • An easy-to-use system to combine teen drama with larger scale stories in Fate.

Will you stay On the Wall, or will you make a stand for what you believe in?

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Straw Boss

Let us tell a story of sacrifice and corruption. Enter the world of Straw Boss.

Belief defines reality. Members of the Scholars of the Hieroglyphical Monad know this to be true. Some might call it a cult, but you know everything they teach is real. The power you and your fellow Scholars wield shores up the crumbling sands of reality where myths both new and ancient seek to enter our world. Because sometimes, bad people believe bad things and by doing so, call them into being. You must recruit the bad things as Familiars, bound to help you in your mission, or destroy them. Walk the gritty road between light and dark in Straw Boss, a Fate World of Adventure by JR Evans.

Straw Boss requires Fate Core to play. This 45-page supplement includes:

  • A new aspect structure to define the character as well as their role in the cult structure
  • Rules for demonic (or other) possession in Fate, including new skills and stunts
  • A new currency—Corruption—allows characters to boost their performance at a cost
  • Simple Vigil and Inquisition prompts to help the group develop their cult’s identity and storylines
  • A unique flippable character sheet to allow players to flip back and forth between their character and their Familiar
  • A sample adventure: The Thief on the Cross

Fight the darkness with your faith… and the monster hiding up your sleeve. Straw Boss.

Check out the tie-in novella by JR Evans, now available for Kindle on Amazon!

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Lucid dreamers could save the world…or wreck it.

A very small percentage of the population can travel through dreams and harvest colors that are either impossible or too precise to exist. Once in our world, the emotions and memories behind the colors still linger. It is impossible to see a painting using rhoz and not immediately recall your first love.

The Lucid, those who know the secret of the dream colors, disagree over the role of dream travel through these alternative realities. You are a member of the Lucid. Will you use the colors for profit or to protect others? Specialize in painting or espionage? Will you befriend the beings from these other realities or stand against them? Find out in Prism, a Fate World of Adventure by Tara Zuber.

Prism requires Fate Core to play. This 45-page supplement includes:

  • Rules for lucid dreaming and creating in-dream advantages, including the use of lucid colors to achieve your goals
  • Two new skills: Factions and Streets. Includes plenty of factions to start as well as a faction creation system
  • A simple system to create and populate new realms for your characters to explore
  • Lucid dreaming gear, and a gear creation system
  • A plot engine to make game planning easier, and a sample adventure: The Curious Case of Klara Bosko

Enter the world of Prism.
You might be dreaming.
But then again, you might not.

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So the Story goesSo the Story goes

Years ago, the Storytellers kept the history of the Northlands, passing it along through story and song. They taught farmers to build, children to laugh, and leaders to rule. They reminded people of the failures of the past to ensure the successes of the future. Then the Tyrant came, and they spoke against her. She retaliated. Eventually, the people of the Northlands rose up to defeat her, but the Storytellers had already been eradicated.

Now that the world is rebuilt, a few brave souls have picked up lutes and pipes, becoming the next generation of Storytellers. You are one of them. Together, you’ll walk the old roads, recover the lost wisdom of your ancestors, and ensure that another Tyrant will never rise again in So the Story Goes, a Fate World of Adventure by Don Bisdorf.

So the Story Goes requires Fate Core to play. This 50-page supplement includes:

  • Aspects, skills, and stunts designed for playing storytellers, musicians, and artists in Fate
  • New systems to put the emphasis on social skills and performance, including the use of Petitions to influence people and Storycrafting to create new permanent aspects
  • Sample NPCs to easily populate your game
  • Detailed information on the Northlands and specific locations to fuel your plot and your characters’ stories
  • A starter scenario: The Fortress of Virtue

So the Story Goes. Walk the road and tell your tale.

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Uranium ChefUranium Chef

It’s a big universe out there, but around every star, on every planet, the old saying holds true… we all gotta eat!

The most influential, inspired, or infamous chefs in the quadrant cook on Uranium Chef, the most popular cooking/bloodsport show on the neutrowave. Tighten your apron straps and hold on tight, as you’ll have to survive surprise ingredients, full-contact kitchen combat, and the snootiest food critics in five dimensions. Will you wow the judges and woo the audience? Do you have what it takes to be crowned the new Uranium Chef—or will you get the chop? “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” meets “Top Chef” in this new Fate World of Adventure by Dave Joria.

Uranium Chef requires Fate Accelerated to play. This 68-page supplement includes:

  • Over-the-top kitchen combat, complete with robot grappling, radioactive cheddar, and man-eating space monsters fricasseed in butter
  • Two sets of approaches, one for “reality”, the other for cuisine
  • Complete rules for running reality show style competitions in Fate, including on-air personas, secret motivations, and GM-controlled rivals
  • A convenient cooking-show structure to make game creation easy, as well as plenty of sample characters, judges, and secret ingredients
  • A detailed scoring system to facilitate fun dish judging
  • A sample adventure: Out of the Frying Pan

Full contact cooking…in space!
Neutrowave channel 67,201.
Check your local spacetime listing for details.

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A world ship adrift. A hostile alien galaxy.

Humanity has arrived in the Andromeda galaxy in great, slower-than-light space arks, fleeing the wave front of a devastating explosion of the Milky Way’s core. In order to survive, they must find a new home in a hostile galaxy. Aboard their world-ship, the elite pursue secret centuries-spanning agendas on behalf of—or despite—the powerful factions that shape shipboard society.

You are members of the elite—leaders, scientists, and moral figureheads.Strive to outmaneuver your rivals and deal with the dangers of Andromeda, including alien empires that resist the arrival of human beings. Command solar-scale tools and planet-shattering weapons. Will you lead humanity into survival or extinction? Find out in the classic space opera Andromeda, a Fate World of Adventure by Bill White.

Andromeda requires Fate Core to play. This 52-page supplement includes:

  • Epic space opera reminiscent of classic sci-fi like Asimov, Herbert, and Zelazny.
  • Detailed information about the factions found within the Ark and races within the Andromeda galaxy.
  • A point-based agenda system to reflect the various goals and motivations found within the Ark and the Andromeda system.
  • Deck of Fate based gameplay which uses the additional material provided on the cards to further enhance gameplay through aspects and agenda points. Rules are also available for use with Fate Dice.
  • An alien race creation system, including agendas, stunts, and extras to create fully realized creatures.
  • Multiple space ark options to create maximum replayability.

Andromeda. Humanity’s last hope.

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red-planetRed Planet

Join the Martian Union of Materialist Republics today!

It’s the year 773 Post Revolution, and Mars is basking in the long embrace of progressive materialism. The Union of Materialist Republics rules over a utopian planet and two moon colonies. The people are happy in their roles; the governments of the Republic remain at peace with one another; technology designed to better mankind advances by leaps and bounds.

But all is not entirely peaceful, for the Union is under attack by the corrupt “U.S.S.R.” and decadent “U.S.A.” back on Earth, the feudal alien Venusians, and the expansionist two-dimensional Country of the Geometers!

Defend the Union and Mars against its enemies, and bring glory to yourself, your squad, and your collective. Put your lives on the line to defend utopia in Red Planet, a Soviet retro-pulp adventure by Jess Nevins. Red Planet requires Fate Core to play. This 59-page supplement includes:

  • A detailed review of the solar system—Fate-style
  • A social-class based character generation system with two new skills: pilot and renown
  • Interesting new rules for Conversions: a mental conflict in which characters try to convince others to agree with their point of view
  • Pulp-style spaceships and gear to equip your campaign
  • A sample adventure: 34 Chernykh

Welcome, Citizen, to the Red Planet.

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ghost-planetsGhost Planets

A galaxy full of graves…

In the 23rd century, we found signs of intelligent life in the galaxy—deserted planets full of alien structures. The World Council established the Xenohistory Corps to investigate these ghost planets and determine what happened to their inhabitants.

In the far reaches of the galaxy, your group of Corps explorers and scientists searches the abandoned relics of inhuman beings, looking for answers. You must survive hostile environments, decipher ancient clues, and confront the miraculous and terrifying products of alien technologies. If you fail, Earth may become the next ghost planet.

Forbidden Planet meets Star Trek in this Fate World of Adventure by Don Bisdorf. Ghost Planets requires Fate Core to play. This 55-page supplement includes:

  • Space-specific rules for aspects and skills, including homeworld aspects, research roles, new skills, and skill packages
  • New rules to help make research an active and interesting part of your campaign
  • A team action mechanic to reflect the effects of the crew working together
  • Plenty of ideas for alien technologies, spaceships, and equipment for characters to use
  • A variety of deep space locations (and potential threats) to get you started
  • A starter adventure: The Doomsday Clock

Deciphering alien hieroglyphics, disarming ancient weapons, and saving humanity from extinction. Just another day on the job

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loosethreadsLoose Threads

On the edges of fairy tales live members of the Company—collateral damage from someone else’s Happily Ever After.

Maybe their fairy godmother got lost on the way, or they failed to solve the riddle, or their siblings forgot to save them before riding off into the sunset. Now Company members live on the edges of tales and travel the In-Betweens, helping others like them who need rescuing from ogres, reversing of curses, and freedom from the evil clutches of bandits. People who the stories have forgotten. It’s difficult work, and every story must end eventually.

How will yours turn out?

Will you be a dashing damsel, a prince in distress, a charming witch, or something else new and interesting that breaks the mold? Find out in Loose Threads by Tara Zuber.

Loose Threads requires Fate Core to play. This 42-page supplement includes:

  • New aspect categories, including the Heart’s Desire, to create characters worthy of a fairy tale
  • A scaled tension aspect that allows characters to slide between two dueling ideas, states, or desires
  • A system for fairy tale favors—a new kind of boost
  • Ideas on how to create a fairy tale story in a non-traditional setting like a space station or a high school
  • A phase trio character creation adventure—Mr. Fox—and a sample adventure—Pecked to Death

Everyone has a tale to tell in Loose Threads. What’s yours?

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blood-on-the-trailBlood on the Trail

Travel in the Wild West is dangerous, but the danger’s even worse than anticipated. The land is infested with vampires.
As settlers begin pushing into the unexplored territories on their way to California, they discover the truth about why the Native American tribes have gone quiet: the wilds have become infested with creatures who feast on blood. Your explorers must deal with the expected problems of weather, sickness, wild animals and deprivation. Then, during the night, they must worry about being stalked by undead. American Vampire meets Oregon Trail in this Fate World of Adventure by Shoshana Kessock.

Blood on the Trail requires Fate Core to play. This 52-page supplement contains:

  • An alternative, vampire-infested Wild West history to provide background for your game
  • A variety of vampire types and system rules for vampirism in Fate
  • New ideas on using maps as a campaign planning and gameplay tool
  • Rules for creating a wagon train and setting out on Wild West adventure
  • Rules for turning and playing vampires in Fate
  • A sample adventure: Seven Brides for Seven Vampires

The Wild West is full of danger. And vampires.

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Good NeighborsGood Neighbors

In Good Neighbors, the Fair Folk have lived in peace with the humans of Still Hollow for centuries. But now, outsiders are coming into Still Hollow in search of gas deep beneath the earth.The Industry does not respect the old ways. Their machines disturb the dwellings of the Fair Folk, and the filth that seeps into the ground around their wells is deadly.

In Good Neighbors, players take on two roles: a human who must deal with the politics of this new industry, and a fairy who feels the full spiritual damage of the Industry. Can your humans enact change to make Still Hollow safe again, or will your fairies need to enact their own justice? Find out in this Fate World of Adventure by Paul Stefko.

Good Neighbors requires Fate Core to play. This 48-page supplement contains:

  • A streamlined system to allow players to create two characters for use in a single campaign or game session
  • A profession system with packaged aspects & skills to allow for quick character generation
  • Rules for fairies and fae magic in Fate using Fate Accelerated approaches
  • A Reaction Tree system to help GMs easily combine two storylines—in this case, fairy and human—into a single game scenario
  • Human and fairy sample characters, Industry insiders, and plenty of Still Hollow locations to get you gaming fast

They say good times make good neighbors. These are bad times.

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Under the TableUnder the Table

Get ready for some sword-and-speakeasy fantasy!
Arthurian mythology meets Prohibition era gangster fiction in Pete Woodworth’s Fate World of Adventure. The King’s Men are a legendary crime syndicate with the corner on sangreal, a magical liquor. The players are poised to join the inner circle—sorry, Round Table—but things are tipping bad in Camelot, Illinois, and pretty soon the whole thing may just come tumbling down. A little magic, a little luck, a lot of hard fighting and a whole lot of blood built this empire, but honor and loyalty only go so far in the face of betrayal. Save the kingdom, tear it down, or take it for yourself in Under the Table.

Under the Table requires Fate Core to play. This 47-page supplement includes:

  • Thematic touchstones to help create a seamless blend of Arthurian legend and Prohibition gangster tales
  • Arthurian-inspired crime syndicates, locations, and characters to populate the streets and back alleys of Camelot, Illinois
  • New mechanical elements to help drive home the blending of old world magic and syndicated crime—artifacts, mystic places, and doom
  • A step-by-step process to create heists for your group of King’s Men…and women
  • Three short scenario starters to get you playing fast

When deals are made Under the Table, betrayal is inevitable.

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Nitrate CityNitrate City

Nitrate City is a place where elements of Film Noir and classic movie monsters combine with explosive results. It’s a place populated by slick vampire private eyes, clever werewolf gamblers, cigarette smoking mummy fatales and deadly hit men from beneath the darkest waters.

You might be a member of ‘The Night Squad,’ a unique off-the-books crime-fighting task force, or perhaps you work best on your own. Regardless of your allegiance, your work will be opposed at every move by a secret society of criminals called ‘The Consortium,’ led by notorious criminal Victor Stitch, aka Frankenstein’s Mobster.

Walk the mean streets of this action-packed, celluloid landscape in this Fate World of Adventure by Doselle Young and Bill White.

Nitrate City requires Fate Core or Fate Accelerated to play. This 51-page supplement includes:

  • A random character concept system that blends classic movie monsters and noir archetypes
  • A cinematic take on Fate Accelerated character approaches: Action, Comedy, Drama, and Horror
  • Celluloid inspired systems like the Flicker Effect to bring maximum noir to your campaigns
  • Simple rules to generate noir cases for use in Fate games
  • A complete starter adventure: The Blood Dahlia

When you walk the flickering streets of Nitrate City, always watch your back.

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The zombie apocalypse was rough, but that was, like, a hundred years ago. It’s time to move on already.

Zombies, lich kings, ghosts…they’re a reality now, and somebody’s got to keep them in line. But it’s not a dream job. More like the last refuge for losers and desperate teenagers in need of a little cash. You’re a Mortician or “Mort,” facing down the undead for minimum wage and possibly getting eaten in the process. Training’s overrated, but you do get a shotgun, a couple of chintzy ritual components, and a chewed-up leather jacket.

Protect humanity from the undead hordes in this Fate World of Adventure by Lara Turner.

Morts requires Fate Core to play. This 46-page supplement includes:

  • Extensive information about the post-apocalypse world in the new country of Cascadia, including plenty of locations and threats to populate a campaign
  • Simple generation rules for the undead in Fate Core as adversaries, NPCs, and PCs and system ideas for necromantic spells and rituals
  • A step-by-step mission creation system to aid GMs
  • Rules for siege engines and tournament battles.
  • A complete adventure: Randolph the Lich King

Cascadia needs you! Join the Morticians!

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Knights of InvasionKnights of Invasion

Your kingdom is on the brink of war. A tournament has been arranged to celebrate your monarch’s birthday, and envoys from the enemy kingdom will be attending the festivities. As if the situation isn’t stressful enough, strange lights are seen in the sky, and a terrifying alien invasion begins.

Gather your fellow knights to battle with little green men and fire trebuchets on acid-filled insect creatures. Can the rival kingdoms put aside their problems and work together, or will one side use the chaos of the situation to their own advantage? Find out in this Fate World of Adventure by Richard Bellingham.

Knights of Invasion uses Fate Core to play. This 54-page supplement includes:

  • A unique mix of epic fantasy and science fiction elements.
  • Options for mini-campaign, one-shot convention, and campaign play, each customized for repeat play.
  • A toolkit for using knights in Fate, including system elements for retainers, knightly codes, armor and weaponry, and more.
  • Rules for siege engines and tournament battles.
  • A simple alien creation system with enough choices to fuel multiple alien races without repeating attributes.

Knights of Invasion.
Follow the code.
Protect your liege.

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Deep Dark BlueDeep Dark Blue

Adventure awaits between the devil and the deep blue sea…

In the near future, when most of the Earth’s land has been stripped of its resources, an intrepid few look to the depths of the oceans for energy and precious metals.

This new frontier carries as many dangers as it does opportunities, including the crushing pressure, colossal squids, and ruthless tactics of your rivals at Quest, Inc. Even your own ship will betray you if you let your energy or oxygen dwindle, threatening your navigation systems, lights, engine, and life support itself.

Survive the depths in Deep Dark Blue, a new Fate World of Adventure by Lore Graham and Mike Olson.

Deep Dark Blue requires Fate Core to play. This 52-page supplement contains:

  • A crew-based character creation system to help create a cohesive and balanced group
  • A new teamwork track to represent the effects of stress on group dynamics
  • Submarine rules for deep sea exploration, combat, and damage
  • A ship-specific condition system—like consequences, but with specific effects and duration
  • A short introductory adventure—The Rescue of Dr. Williams

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House of BardsHouse of Bards

In House of Bards, the kingdom of Costracinni exists in a constant state of war. And war means turmoil, but for the ambitious back on the home front, that’s just another word for opportunity. Can you work the backrooms and stuff the ballot-boxes to get what you want? Play as an ambitious elven councilmember trying to get in good with the Emperor, an idealistic halfling candidate trying to break into the big time, or a human reporter trying to uncover the truth behind the news.

Now is the time to act! But many things stand in your way—rival factions, scheming politicos, and most dangerously… your friends. Swords and sorcery collide with politics and punditry in this political drama meets high fantasy by Dave Chalker of Critical-Hits.com and the Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide.

House of Bards requires Fate Core to play. This 44-page supplement includes:

  • Character creation hacks that maximize political conflict, including a random generation system
  • Skill set adjustments that maximize Fate for a politically motivated campaign
  • Setting rules that help to create political intrigue and build upon it through the course of a campaign
  • Useful tools for political campaigns, including a social stress track and new rules for player-versus-player compels
  • A series of vignettes and sample characters to help get you started

Welcome to the House of Bards, where it’s always important to watch your back.

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The Three RocketeersThe Three Rocketeers

Journey through the Holy Roman Stellar Empire and the worlds of Britannica Solaria in this Fate World of Adventure by PK Sullivan! The Queen’s enemies may have disbanded the Rocketeers, but duty cannot be set aside so easily.

A deadly cabal of nobles and clergy threaten to usurp Her Majesty Queen Marie-Hélène’s throne and hand Gallia over to Pope Regulus IV, and the Rocketeers now work from the shadows to protect the queen from threats both foreign and domestic. Foreign spies and papal agents lurk in every shadow as the trap draws ever closer.

A laser-sharp blade and even sharper wits will serve you well as interstellar powers play the game of puppets and shadows. The fate of the crown is in your hands.

The Three Rocketeers requires Fate Core to play. This 40-page supplement includes:

  • Rules for no-skill Fate, where aspects provide roll bonuses without invocation
  • Categorized aspect creation to help players create their characters quickly and get the most out of their invocations
  • A simple system to build flashy customized swordplay stunts
  • Conspiracy creation guidelines that integrate aspects and approaches to help direct the story
  • Ready-made characters based on the characters of Alexandre Dumas
  • A sample adventure: Battle for the Gallian Throne

The Three Rocketeers: All for one and one for all!

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Frontier SpiritFrontier Spirit

Despite its long history, the Commonwealth has only civilized a fraction of the galaxy. Life on an undeveloped colony world is hard. The problems are never-ending: pirate raids, corporate claim-jumpers, outlaw settlers, unpredictable weather…and an alien spirit world unused to coexisting with sentient creatures.

Natural disasters, storms, subsistence, and even basic survival are all much harder when the world really is out to get you. Can your colony survive? Find out Frontier Spirit, a Fate World of Adventure from Nick Pilon.

Frontier Spirit requires Fate Core to play. This 43-page supplement includes:

  • A simple aspect system that specifically ties each character to the world and genre of the game
  • Rituals and space opera technology as stunts—ideas on how to add rituals to your game to extraordinary effect, and how to simply integrate future tech by way of stunt mechanics
  • System ideas to create spirit entities that interact with the physical world
  • A variety of characters and locations to get you started in the world of Thompson’s Turn and the community of Aribeth Plateau in particular
  • A stand-alone adventure set in Aribeth Plateau

Frontier Spirit. In the far reaches of the galaxy, only the strongest survive.

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Our universe is on the verge of a catastrophic collision.

Shadowy invaders from other worlds have begun to slip into the dark places in ours. The result? Night terrors, disappearances, deaths, and worse. Most people try to hide their heads in the sand, but members of the group known as Vigilance stand between our world and the darkness outside.

In Slip by Chris Caporaso, play a Vigilance member afflicted with strange powers linked to the convergence of worlds, or even a determined mundane. Knowledge is your only weapon.

Slip requires Fate Core to play. This 47-page supplement includes:

  • Simple rules for integrating psychic powers into character high concepts
  • Ideas on how to use campaign aspects to gradually reveal within game secrets over the course of a campaign
  • A basic structure to use when building an apocalypse campaign
  • Complete background for characters, organizations, and adventure ideas to get you quickly started within the world of Slip
  • A full adventure: The Sea From Beyond

Arm yourselves; stop the incursion, and try not to Slip.

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Masters of UmdaarMasters of Umdaar

Rise up against the Masters of Umdaar!

Behold the fallen world of Umdaar, home to savage warriors, cyborg insects, and merciless warlords. Oh, and lasers—lots and lots of lasers. The Masters rule with an iron fist, and the people’s only hope are the archaeonauts and their quest for long-lost artifacts of power. But will the Masters get there first? Masters of Umdaar, our latest Fate World of Adventure by Dave Joria, is a retro tribute to such shiny serials as John Carter of Mars, Flash Gordon, He-Man, and Thundercats.

Masters of Umdaar requires Fate Accelerated Edition to play. This 51-page supplement includes:

  • A randomized Fate dice system to create a wide variety of sci-fi/fantasy characters like robots, mutants, talking animals, and more
  • Character class breakdowns based on Fate Accelerated approaches, with a wide variety of options
  • New rules for cliffhangers—a new form of obstacle to overcome—with rules that encourage the use of different approaches
  • A variety of tools to easily populate your adventures, including a beast generator, trap guidelines, and sample artifacts
  • A sample adventure—The Starblades of Su’ul—as well as seeds for further adventures

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There is a place where children go to become heroes, only discovered by a desperate few when they need it most. Here, they escape from their normal lives, slay giants, solve riddles, learn magic, and become kings and queens. Children grow up and the fantasies of childhood are forgotten.

But now the realm you once protected is under attack. You must leave behind your life, your family, and your ordinary job to defend your past from something terrible and very, very real.

Nest, by David Goodwin, is a game of rediscovering the magic of childhood—or shattering the illusions of youth.

Nest requires Fate Core to play. This 56-page supplement includes:

  • Location seeds for the various kingdoms of Nest
  • A variety of fantasy themes to explore: epic adventure, steampunk marvels, talking animals, and riddles and puzzles
  • Simple rules for the creation of talismans, and some sample talismans to get you started
  • A milestone system to allow characters to advance (or regress) during game play
  • A sample adventure—Call to Adventure: The Threshing Stone

Magic never dies. It is only forgotten.

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Gods and MonstersGods and Monsters

The world is young and majestic, and humans eke out a living and dream of civilization.

But you are not like them: you are a god. A primal creature, your soul a blazing font of power, your body an expression of your nature. The more extreme your behavior the greater the power you can wield—but it is easy to become lost in a single facet of your existence and cross the line from god to monster.

Perform mythic acts, skirmish with rival pantheons, and walk the line between power and control in this Fate World of Adventure by Chris Longhurst.

Gods and Monsters requires Fate Core or Fate Accelerated to play. This 50-page supplement contains:

  • A new campaign structure that separates play into tales, allowing for gameplay to affect the world at large
  • World creation ideas, with basic structures for sub-regions and communities
  • Character creation systems for gods, including divine mantles, intention, and epic stunts
  • A sliding scale of opposing approaches allows characters to change during gameplay
  • A variety of introductory tales to get you started<

Gods and Monsters. What will your legacy be?

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SailsFullOfStarsCoverSails Full of Stars

In the year 1850, three empires struggle for control of the solar system: the Ottomans, whose vast Earthly empire may soon become obsolete; the Chinese, who pioneered the construction of rheoships; and the French, the new masters of alchemy. Wherever patrols are weak, pirates menace the shipping lanes. Sailors whisper rumors of dragons swimming through the black void. Fools and madmen push the boundaries of alchemy, heedless of the consequences.

Track down pirates, brave the stars, and mount shipboard battles in this Fate World of Adventure by Don Bisdorf.

Sails Full of Stars requires Fate Core to play. This 50-page supplement contains:

  • Descriptions of planets and spaceports to help populate a short game or a full campaign
  • New alchemical rules and stunts
  • System ideas for spaceships and space travel
  • Crew and rheoship combat systems
  • A short introductory adventure—Secrets of the Red Planet
  • Venture into the depths of space, where adventure and glory await!

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Behind The WallsBehind the Walls

Russia fired first. America countered. Then all hell broke loose.

That was 1951, but now it’s 1959 and you’re still in prison. Maybe the people on the outside forgot about you, what with the war and all, or maybe it’s just safer inside Collins Park Correctional Facility. But will order persist in the cell block much longer? And what really is going on out there? Find out in Behind the Walls, the latest Fate World of Adventure from John Adamus.

Behind the Walls requires Fate Core to play. This 40-page supplement contains:

  • New rules for different types of stunts—personal stunts, cooperative stunts, and secret stunts
  • Ideas on how to use secrets in Fate Core on the world, character, and PC levels
  • System ideas for gangs and gang or group conflict in Fate Core
  • War and Peace, Love and Hate: an adventure for Behind the Walls
  • Ideas for the world beyond the walls to help fuel a larger prison escape campaign

Behind the Walls. If it’s safest behind bars, something has to change.

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Eagles Eyes CoverEagle Eyes

Sharpen your blade. It’s time to hit the mean and dusty streets of Rome.

Experience Roman noir firsthand in Eagle Eyes, the latest Fate World of Adventure from Pete Woodworth. Battle cynicism, corruption and murder in the shadow of the Coliseum. Play Eagles, the Senate’s private investigators, and use every means at your disposal to get at the truth behind everything from “ordinary” murders and robberies to high treason, noble intrigue, military coup attempts, and perhaps even the strange and terrible excesses of the Emperors.

Life is cheap and the dust of Rome soaks up a lot of blood, but the rewards for those that survive are beyond the dreams of lesser men.

Eagle Eyes requires Fate Accelerated or Fate Core to play. This 43-page supplement contains:

  • An in-depth look at the setting of ancient Rome in Fate
  • A twist on Fate Accelerated approaches that allows characters to invoke Roman deities
  • GM advice on dealing with characters of different social classes and group dynamics
  • System constructs for conspiracies and mysteries in Fate
  • Adventure seeds to get you started gaming

Eagle Eyes. Some things cannot be left unseen…

The Fate Adventures & Worlds line provides compact, rich, affordable, gorgeous settings with a ready-to-go adventure for GMs in a pinch. Buy one this afternoon, be ready to run this evening.

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Psychedemia CoverPsychedemia

Welcome to Delta Company. Follow orders and you’ll do fine.

Genetically advanced students at a psionic academy discover a mental realm inhabited by friendly but alien thought-forms in this Fate world of adventure by Paul Stefko. These beings teach the children to access deeper powers, and together they explore virtual worlds within their minds. But when the academy’s faculty learn of the realm, they seek to take control through force. Can the students save their alien friends? Can they convince their elders to live in peace? Or must they find a way to seal the realm off and themselves from it?

Psychedemia requires Fate Core to play. This 44-page supplement contains:

  • New rules for psychic aptitudes and stunts.
  • System ideas on adventuring in different realms or dimensions with different natural laws.
  • Sample alien races to get you started—and a basic structure with which to create your own.
  • Characters, locations, NPCs and a basic structure for a starter adventure.

Psychedemia. Your mind is a battlefield.

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Romance in the AirRomance in the Air

All aboard the Pension Bellevue for a trip full of romance, intrigue, and peril!

Enjoy the heady, innocent days before the war in Romance in the Air, a Fate world and adventure by Bill White, author of Ganakagok. In the skies over a fin de siècle Europe that never was, the aristocracy mingles in elegant comfort upon balloon-borne sky-salons and aerial lounges, dallying in an endless round of parties and excursions. But the winds of war are rising, and ambitious nobles rub elbows with scheming spymasters to decide the succession of a key Central European province. Romance meets high-stakes political intrigue as the affections of a young countess sway the fate of nations, while down below earthbound commoners look to the skies and dream of flight. It’s Downton Abbey meets Last Exile, on a collision course with Dr. Zhivago.

Romance in the Air requires Fate Core to play. This 52-page supplement contains:

  • New skills such as Pilot, Gamble, and Command with sample stunts that allow for fancy flying, high-stakes gambling, and more.
  • Airship systems, stunts, and samples to get you into airborne maneuvers quickly.
  • A map-based travel system that allows for random encounters and problems on each leg of the trip.
  • Adventure seeds and location profiles to help create your own custom adventure.

Romance in the Air. Fight for your country…and for your heart.

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The Aether Sea Cover

The Aether Sea

One tiny ship. One huge expanse of aetherspace.

Maneuver your ship through the vast aether in The Aether Sea, a Fate world and adventure by Lara Turner. A thousand years of war on Homeworld left it a magically-blighted wasteland, so the elves and dwarves stopped fighting for five minutes and figured out how to leave it behind. Soon everyone took to the vast, empty aether sea. The Royal Hegemony keeps a tight rein on the Spellcaster’s Union, and the magic that makes aether travel possible. Play the crew of a little aethercraft out in the deep sea. But you’ve got bad blood with the Royals, so take jobs carefully and make do with the best magic unofficial channels can provide. Keeping the ship afloat won’t be easy. The sea’s a dark and lonely place, and secondhand magic is… fussy. When it works at all.

The Aether Sea. Batten down the hatches and get ready for liftoff.

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Save Game Cover Image

Save Game


A vicious computer virus threatens to corrupt the entire internet, and the only ones standing in its way are the characters from your video games. 8-bit heroes battle monsters and corrupted files—it’s Wreck-It Ralph meets Lord of the Rings in a fight for the fate of the world!

This 56-page Fate Core adventure provides a complete world to adventure in, including randomized character generation rules, ideas to govern digital adventures, and new Fate point hacks.


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Secrets of Cats

The Secrets of Cats

Cats are magical; cats understand sacrifice and the power of names. A decapitated mouse left on the doorstep or pillow is a powerful ward, and a spell wailed by the cat chorus confers even greater protection. When evil is on the rise and the safety of the neighbourhood is at stake the Parliament of Cats is there to stand firm against the darkness.

Take Silver Ford, for example, a sleepy tourist town near a played-out old silver mine. When kids messing around in the mine accidentally rouse an ancient evil on All Hallows’ Eve, the secret and magical cats of the neighbourhood are the only thing protecting their special people from the things that go bump in the night.

This 50 page Fate Core adventure provides everything you need to play from character generation to plot and setting ideas, including a new feline magic system based on true names and sacrifices made to protect your human Burdens.

The Secrets of Cats. Sharpen your claws and prepare to defend your territory!

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Venture City Stories

It’s not safe to venture into Venture City…

Looking for a little inspiration for your next Fate Core campaign? Check out Venture City Stories! This adventure toolkit written by Brian Engard will give you everything you need to send your characters on an adventure full of superpowers, villainous corporations, and ruthless gangs in a near-future setting where superpowers are for sale.

This 30-page kit provides everything you need to get started—locations, NPCs, and a sample campaign, not to mention an exciting new take on Fate-style superpowers.

Venture City Stories. Pick a side, pay your bill, and power up.

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