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Introducing the Toolkit line! These purple-covered books are designed to help you put your ideas into action in Fate. If you find yourself thinking, “What we need here is a flying ape brigade with time-altering lasers, but how do I do that mechanically?” then the Toolkits are designed for you. Whatever your flavor of Fate, the Toolkits are chock full of ideas to help fuel your game.

The Toolkits are designed to work together, so pick and choose system elements from as many or as few as you want. Are you looking to run a Halloween campaign about evil wizards and the group of meddling kids who take them down? You might take the magic rules from Fate System Toolkit, build up the fear factor with the Fate Horror Toolkit, and use ideas from the Fate Adversary Toolkit to create villains that your group will remember forever.

The Fate System Toolkit provides an overview of the kinds of mechanics Fate can support, so if you’re looking for a broad spectrum of ideas, that’s a good place to start. The rest of the Toolkits are designed around a particular theme. All of them are crammed full of mechanics for Fate—aspects, stunts, challenges, compels, zoned combat, and more!

Accessibility ToolkitFate Accessibility Toolkit

The Fate Accessibility Toolkit is a new toolkit for Fate Core that brings characters with disabilities into your game and supports players with disabilities at your table. We’ve assembled a team from disabled communities to ensure that this book speaks to you from their real, lived experiences.

System ToolkitFate System Toolkit

Rules, glorious rules! The Fate Core system is flexible, hackable, and adaptable to any world you can dream up. This Fate System Toolkit is packed with system ideas to bring those dreams to life.

Learn how to hack the skill system to better suit your terraforming campaign. Get ideas on how to create races and societies for your woodland elves, subterranean aliens, or afterlife police force. Customize our magic starters to create your own system, and use our gadget starters to bring your gear to life (only not literally).

Whatever genre you’re gaming, you’ll find a wide array of customizable concepts and optional rules in the Fate System Toolkit to take your campaign to the next level.

Fate System Toolkit.
Raise your game!

The Fate System Toolkit is a Fate Core supplement.

Adversary ToolkitFate Adversary Toolkit

Calling all adversaries!

Antagonists. Obstacles. Villains. Impediments. Call them what you will, but a great campaign needs opposition to create stirring conflict. The Fate Adversary Toolkit offers a variety of ideas, mechanics, and hacks to help you make the most out of every obstacle in your game. Explore what an adversary is in Fate terms, and always remember that everything is a character. Inhabit hostile worlds and situations that work against the players. Face down mooks and big bads built to provide high stakes drama and engage everyone at the table. Learn how to use high quality adversaries to drive your stories to completion.

The Fate Adversary Toolkit is a Fate Core supplement.

Fate Horror Toolkit

The Fate Horror Toolkit offers a variety of tools, mechanics, and hacks to help you develop thematic horror in your game. Explore what horror is and how to employ it effectively at your table. Learn how to develop horrific elements in Fate—a game system designed around competent, proactive characters not usually seen in horror. Pick from a variety of mechanics to easily design your own game about the things that go bump in the night.

The Fate Horror Toolkit is a Fate Core supplement.