Fate System Toolkit

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Becky.fwWay back in the early days of Fate, when we honestly had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, we gave Rob Donoghue the task of writing up a magic system. He gave us eight distinct and interesting systems, which was awesome but made us wonder a little about his ability to count. We gave him a hard time about that, and then we put them into the book and went merrily upon our way.

Flash forward to the Fate Core Kickstarter, and now we were in a conundrum. We wanted to put a magic system into the book, but we had enough magic systems to arm a magic octopus, and how can you choose just one of them? Plus, Rob had more ideas for new magic systems, like a Voidcaller system reminiscent of Harry Connolly’s awesome Twenty Palaces series. (Magic octopus with extra Voidkilling arms! Why haven’t we put this into a book yet?!)  Clearly, Fate Core did not have enough space for all the magical fabulousness…or the tentacles. We had to rethink.

We decided to make Rob’s magic system book into a stretch goal, which would have been cool enough except that then all of you backer types went into warp speed and gave us the space to add on a bunch of other cool system bits from a variety of brilliant minds that would have gone into Fate Core if only we could have made the type small enough. We called it the Fate System Toolkit, because Fate System Octopus wouldn’t have been very intuitive title-wise, even if it was fitting.

What we ended up with was a compendium of diverse system ideas that will add value to any Fate Core campaign. Inside the book, you’ll find detailed advice on how to tweak aspects, character generation, and compels to better suit your gaming style. Get ideas on how to develop gear for your space soldiers or create your race of subterranean golem warriors. If you’ve never hacked a game before, this is a terrific resource to get you started. And if you have? We’ll make it easy so you can get to the game.

Fate System Toolkit. More systems than an octopus has arms. A lot more.