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Fate of Umdaar

Planet of Swords, Super-Science, and Sorcery

This is the planet Umdaar, a world of ancient science, swords, and sorcery.
The tyrannical Masters reign over the scattered kingdoms, oppressing and terrorizing their subjects. They scour the planet for ancient technology, which they use to extend their reign and grow their empires.

You are a noble Champion, using your strength of body, mind, and heart to thwart the masters at every turn. Can you keep your people safe? Can you spark the fires of rebellion? Can you survive the dangerous wildlands to seek the forgotten knowledge you crave? Can you and your companions change the Fate of Umdaar, Planet of Swords, Super-Science, and Sorcery?

Fate of Umdaar is a new, standalone game built on Fate Condensed and based on Masters of Umdaar.

Fate of Umdaar: Planet of Swords, Super-Science, and Sorcery by Dave Joria with contributions from Pam Punzalan, Misha Bushyager, Mahar Mangahas, Helena Real, Soup, and Lara Turner.

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