Fate Core

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A long time ago (in a car—not a galaxy far, far away), we played the Amber Diceless RPG, and we had such a blast with the game that we wanted to take the setting to other systems too. This got us talking about our ultimate wish game. It would be flexible and character driven and strong enough to support a variety of worlds, including Amber. And talking apes would be involved somehow. Being huge overachievers with a decent amount of free time on our hands, we decided to write it. The result was Fate.

We didn’t anticipate what happened next. To be honest, we hoped a few people might like the system enough to use it. We didn’t expect it to explode like it did. And as it grew, as people began to build on the foundation that is Fate, we began to see how it could be even better. So we decided to write that too. (That overachiever thing, remember?)

We figured there were some people out there who might be interested in a new-and-improved Fate, so off to Kickstarter we went. In a strange twist of fate (see what we did there?), the Kickstarter took off like blazes, breaking records along the way. And the result of all that blood, sweat, and marathon gaming sessions is Fate Core.

Fate Core isn’t the game we wanted to write; it’s the one we wanted to play. It’s flexible yet strong—adaptable enough to support any worlds you can dream up. With Fate Core, you can expect the following:
· A strong focus on character—proactive, capable people who lead dramatic lives.
· Dynamic, collaborative storytelling in which the dice direct the story rather than controlling it.
· Flexible rules that provide a strong foundation for your world of choice, be it swords and sorcery, space opera, the wild west, or some strange mash up of all three.
· Adventure! Excitement! Thrills and chills! Other things that should be read in a Movie Voice Guy voice!

All jokes aside, we’re thrilled to present this edition of Fate Core. Embrace your fate. And by this, we don’t mean hug the book, although you can if you want to.