Fate Core Sneak Peek: Kriegszeppelin Valkyrie

Hi Folks, as the Fate Core Kickstarter has closed with a triumphant finish, we want to give everyone who isn’t already a backer a sneak peek at the Fate Worlds Kriegszeppelin Valkyrie campaign.

From Dresden Files RPG author Clark Valentine, comes a campaign full of flying aces and German automatons!

1919: The Great War has ended—but the danger hasn’t!

Brilliant German scientist Dr. Walter Schottky, missing since 1915, has reappeared in occupied German East Africa. Finally perfecting his theory of Galvanic Intelligence, he has unleashed an army of automatons! The victorious Allied armies of Europe have been decimated by demobilization and Spanish flu, and are in no shape to strike back. The only ones available to defend civilization are a handful of flying aces and barnstormers employing captured German technology that could turn the tide: the gigantic flying aircraft carrier Kriegszeppelin Valkyrie!

So grab your scarf, strap in, and get airborne: victory, glory, and fame await in the skies. Unless your comrades take it first…

Playing the Game

In Kriegszeppelin Valkyrie, players take on the roles of First World War era fighter pilots operating from a gigantic flying aircraft carrier. You’re tasked with stopping Dr. Walter Schottky and destroying his galvanic army.

While Schottky’s galvanic armies are the obvious enemy, fighter pilots are perhaps the most competitive creatures on the planet. Each one wants to prove that they’re the best. Will you put aside your differences to defeat the common enemy? Will you seek your own glory at the expense of your comrades? Or can you walk the line of defeating Schottky while winning aerial victories and fame for yourself?

Aerial Victories and Fame

Yes, of course you’re in this to defeat Dr. Schottky and his army of galvanic nightmares, but what you’re really after is proving that you’re the best—and what good is being the best if nobody knows about it? To determine who’s the best, you keep a running tally of two scores during the game: aerial victories and fame.

Aerial Victories are a count of how many enemy planes you shoot down. (This is different than the “victory” from Fate Core’s contest rules on page XX.) Everything flying counts (airplanes, balloons, airships, etc.) and each flying craft shot down counts as one victory, no matter how big it is. But a “true” count isn’t what really matters; it’s a count of confirmed aerial victories that your commanding officer signs off on. After each mission, General Salmond will debrief you and get to the bottom of how many aerial victories you should be credited with.

Fame is a measure of your notoriety and celebrity among the civilians back home. The journalist Ernest Hemingway is your ticket to fame; the pilot with the most aerial victories won’t necessarily be the most famous, but it helps. After each mission he’ll want to talk to all the pilots, and the one he thinks is most interesting and has the best tale will be the star of his report to the AP (and may even help him write the headline).

Quick Start

1. Choose a PC from the list available.
2. Choose an aspect reflecting your relationship with one or more of the other PCs.
3. Choose additional aspects, skills, and stunts either now or during play.
4. Choose a plane for you and your wingman.
5. Decide how you want to get to Kilimanjaro.
6. Claim aerial victories & defeat Schottky—in that order!