Fate Core Kickstarter: Highlights #2 – Shadow of the Century

Here are some of the Fate Core Kickstarter stretch goals that we’re particularly excited about. Highlight #2 – Shadow of the Century.

The Story of Shadow of the Century

The year is 1984. Doctor Methuselah has died in a mine explosion that also took the life of Centurion Mack Silver. But the doctor’s son lives on, publicly living the clean and teflon-coated life of a career politician — and now he’s running for President, on a pro-technology ticket that promises to change America, and the world, forever. Already, startling advances have been made thanks to his political and social initiatives, and we stand poised at the edge of a new golden age…

But all, of course, is not as it seems. The Century Club, home to the heroes of old, has long been officially disbanded, denounced as a dangerous communist organization during the 1950s. The Centurions that survive remain on the run, doing what they can to help people day to day, and to show them the truth — that the guiding hand behind this new age of technology could mean the end for us.

Someone has been playing with the time-stream, looping back and over the current century again and again until it degrades like a VCR tape that’s had one too many shows recorded on it, leaving gaps and static at every turn. Through those gaps come the leaks — refugees and monsters from timelines that no longer exist… and the more that come, the more it all threatens to come apart at the seams.

The Centurions can’t stop it alone. They’ll have to gather together the rag-tag, plucky heroes of the decade, those living outside the law and on the run. The ones they’ve been mentoring. The backroads trucker and his effusive ape sidekick. The teenybopper covert-operations troubleshooter team. The crack commando unit fleeing an unjust court martial. The ex-cop with the talking motorcycle. Not to mention the free spirit who ran into all that ruckus in Little China some months back…

This is Shadow of the Century.

The Plan for Shadow of the Century

We want to produce Shadow of the Century as a “fat” (high word count, high production value) setting book featuring an updated, new-wave 1980’s pulp action-adventure build for Fate Core, perfect for running anything from games inspired by Big Trouble in Little China, to Charlie’s Angels, to Die Hard — or some great big nutty blend of all of that stuff. The system build for Shadow will support this kind of crazy action front and center, with larger than life characters walking the walk with a retro swagger.

If we reach the stretch goal target for this, we’ll have our starting development budget for the project, covering things like the writing and editing, plus a full-color sized budget for the art. Work would begin in 2013, and might not conclude until 2014, so there would be a wait for this, but it’s one we think you’ll agree is worth it.

That does mean that we can’t know for sure what our page count, price point, and all the rest of all that stuff will be. So while we won’t be able to offer this book to be bought through upgrades on your pledges, if y’all fund our development budget, we will be giving every backer who has pledged at least $10 a copy of the final PDF of Shadow of the Century. It’ll be our biggest, boldest expansion offering yet — and it’ll be yours (along with all those other smaller expansions you’ve already unlocked) for an incredibly low digital price.

In Shadow of the Century, the Centurions are on the ropes, and may be going down for the count — but with your support, they’ll be ready to rise to that challenge. Ready? Set? Go!