Fate Core Kickstarter: Highlights #1 – Young Centurions

Here are some of the Fate Core stretch goals that we’re particularly excited about. Highlight #1 – Young Centurions. When the Fate Core Kickstarter hits $275,00, Evil Hat presents…

There was a time before the members of the Century Club banded together. A time when the world tumbled into the darkness of war. A time when the light of a new century did not yet burn bright.

The year is 1914. The Great War has just begun. As their parents march off to war and other adult pursuits, a group of talented youngsters born at the dawn of the century are left behind and sent away for their own safety. But these young women and men are destined for greatness: a chance to rise and become the spirits of the century, the light of hope made flesh!

Young Centurions such as these can’t be held back by schoolwork and chores… Not when a young Amelia Earhart, just a few years their senior, has lost her love of flight… Not when a young boy armed only with a makeshift jet-pack might avert a great disaster for both sides — if only he can get a message to the Red Baron in time… Not when the Kaiser’s secret army of mechanical men are at work far away from the battlefield, staging a quiet invasion!

It will be up to you — and the other young Centurions of the age — to face down these problems, save the day, and get your homework turned in on time. Can you do it? Together, you can!

Young Centurions takes the Spirit of the Century setting into the realm of young-adult-fiction-inspired roleplaying — a great way to bring your family and friends along into a world of pulp adventure and Fate-driven roleplaying. Better yet, Young Centurions will give Fate Accelerated Edition a pulp-friendly build for play in our established and ever-growing Spirit of the Century universe.

Kids (our kids — your kids — geek kids!) are fantastic. We think they deserve awesome things and great, varied ways to engage with our roleplaying hobby. With Fate Accelerated Edition, Evil Hat wants to help established Fate gamers find new ways to reach out to and play with new gamers and especially younger gamers in their tweens and teens.

Young Centurions is one way we’ll do that, connecting FAE with our popular Spirit of the Century world. (Translation: This is will be a stand-alone game using Fate Accelerated as the engine.) We already know at least a few young geeklings who adore our first Spirit of the Century novel, Dinocalypse Now, and we’d love to give them this game as a gateway from the fiction, board, and card games we’re also creating for the setting, into our first and best-loved roleplaying hobby. With your support for this stretch goal, we can make that happen.

And even setting aside our kid-friendly aim with Young Centurions, this is a new way for Spirit of the Century fans of any age to engage and play in a wild and high-flying world of pulp adventure. A way that might reach any gamer put off by the 400-page Spirit of the Century tome of old…

And yes — of course! — as with all our other “we’ll do this project” stretch goals, if you hit this goal for us, we’ll make sure all backers at $10 and up will get the PDF of Young Centurions when it goes to press.

We hope you’ll join us in delving into the youthful days of the Centurions of the Century Club, when the world tumbles into darkness and war, but the light of hope for a better century begins to burn brighter. Together, we can make it burn brighter still, and bring this game to light!