Fate Core – Dresden Files Accelerated

This kickstarter campaign is on fire, and it’s not our fault!

We won’t lie to you. This came together really fast. After listening to your comments and suggestions through the entirety of this kickstarter, we wanted our big finish to be something that really responds to that stuff.

That’s when we hit on the idea of Dresden Files Accelerated. We started moving as fast as we could, but licenses are licenses and they can take a while to wrangle. If we didn’t already have a strong relationship with Jim Butcher and his agent, Jennifer Jackson, this might not have happened at all.

So when that email came in from Jen, we just about flipped our lids.

“Jim thinks this is a great idea. Let’s do this.”

Why Dresden Files Accelerated?

When we released the Dresden Files RPG two and a half years ago, we were thrilled with it. It took five years of work to get there and it’s something we’re really proud of. Quickly, we found that other people loved it too. We’ve won a bunch of awards, and have received play reports from all over the globe. We used our experience from Spirit of the Century and built a game around Jim’s world that we’ve been nothing but happy with.

It’s a big game. Some of you probably remember our original intent of a single volume that eventually evolved into two.

In our recent frantic emails back and forth with Jim’s agent, Jen, one thing resonated over and over — the excitement of something slightly more approachable (and portable!) that could hook readers of the fiction into playing the game. Something a little smaller and more accessible.

So here’s how we’re going to do it.

In 2014, we want to launch a new Dresden Files roleplaying project, with the goal of having it done by the end of the year. If we fund this goal — see below — that desire will become a fact.

Dresden Files Accelerated will bring the slimmer form factor and lighter weight implementation of Fate Accelerated Edition together with the world of the Dresden Files. At this point, we figure we’re looking at a 160-240 page 6″x9″ full color softcover. As a comparison, this would be, at most, a quarter of the amount of material that’s in the Dresden Files RPG. We’ll go briefer and broader on the setting, and take a fresh look at new ways to implement the ideas of the setting in a Fate Accelerated way: more story, fewer rules.

The original Dresden Files RPG is a great game and we know people will continue to get a lot of pleasure out of it. It works as well today as it did when it was released, and we’ll continue to support it with the upcoming Paranet Papers supplement and existing free adventures. We’re excited to hear that people want to adapt it to Fate Core, and we really welcome those efforts from the community. Frankly, we’re sure y’all will make that happen much faster than we would!

Current owners of the Dresden Files RPG should not worry. The game will not become irrelevant. While it won’t be required in order to play Dresden Files Accelerated, we will be looking at ways that you can use copies of the DFRPG books to enhance your DFAE experience!

With a targeted release in late 2014, a Fate Accelerated approach to the Dresden Files will bring a new and exciting flavor to playing in the world of Jim Butcher’s series. It’ll be an excellent follow-up four years after the release of the original RPG, opening new styles of play for old hands, and offering new ways for new players to come into the fold. We’re excited to get started on it!

The Target

The way we see it, this is our Sue the Zombie Dinosaur of stretch goals. It’s got it all: speed, power, and the ability to stomp your supernatural foes into paste. Once we reach for this, that’s it — the story’s done.

Accordingly, this is our final and biggest goal yet, with a target of $400,000. It’s your chance to put something on next year’s docket for Evil Hat. If funded, we will begin our efforts on Dresden Files Accelerated in 2014, with the goal of having it done (as in published) by the end of that year. And everyone at $10 and up will get it in PDF, absolutely free.

That said, we are asking everyone to upgrade in a “pay what you like (including free)” style to support the addition of this PDF to the reward package. We’re targeting a $10 price for the PDF when it’s published late in 2014. We’ll be producing the physical book around that same time, too.

This is a $75,000 journey — why’s the target so high? There are a few reasons why we’re setting it there. This bump is expensive for us in a lot of ways. More fees to Amazon and Kickstarter, costs of delivery, taxes, all that jazz. Adding stretch goals adds expenses, some of which scale up as we grow in backers. (It’s a good thing our spreadsheets are mighty and far-sighted — we’re tracking all those things and staying ahead of them at each increment.)

But most importantly, we are going to owe Jim a big pile of money at the end of the kickstarter if we hit this goal. Somewhere around $20,000 of that $75,000 increment is our royalties, give or take (depending on how many of you there are by the end).

And believe us. We want to give Jim Butcher a big pile of money, after he’s already given us so much. It’s worth every cent. And so are you.

We want to give this new project the same kind of quality and attention that we gave the award-winning original game. By aiming high to hit $400,000, we’re making sure Dresden Files Accelerated will launch with the budget it needs even after everything gets its cut. Our spreadsheets do not lie! (Even if they do get a little squirrelly every time Harry comes sniffing around with his computer-frying mojo.)

Some Help Hitting the Target

We’ve crossed the $300k barrier, so we’ve added some new pledge levels for folks who want a printed copy of Sally Slick and the Steel Syndicate! Look for the CARRIE’S FRIENDS and QUINTET pledge levels, and check out the updated Backer Pledge Calculation Spreadsheet if you want to add a copy or two to your pledge a la carte. We expect the novel to ship close to the end of the year.

As we near the $325k goal, we’ll add STRANGE SOLO and SEXTET pledge levels for those interested in including a physical copy of Strange Tales of the Century in their plans. And we’ll make sure to update the spreadsheet, too. Right now, given the massive size of Strange Tales of the Century, we think that this potentially-two-inch-thick softcover will run about $40, and ship around the middle of the year.

Let’s Accelerate One More Time!

We hope you’ll help push us higher than we ever dreamed, where we can reach together for a little extra magic in 2014. We’re in our final week of the campaign, and together with you we’ve blown the doors off every target, every expectation anybody might have had for this wild and wonderful kickstarter. We know we can do it again with this goal — after all, we hit $60,000 in the first twenty-five hours of this project, and we can do it again!

Folks — let’s do this!