Fate Core

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fate-pagesiderIt will probably surprise no one that we Evil Hat staffers—let’s call us the Hat Head—love a good game mechanic. We like them; we like talking about them; we like taking them apart to see what makes them tick and then putting them back together again like a mad scientist gone…well, mad. We’re proud to say that this has led to a line of role playing books full of examples and possibilities and awesomeness.


We also realize that sometimes those big books aren’t what the doctor ordered. To use a really groan-worthy gaming reference, under the wrong circumstances, a positive aspect can become not-so-good. For whatever reason—you’re new to gaming, you don’t have the money for the big book, you’re just not a fan of long core books—the length and breadth of Fate Core isn’t always what people need. But we’re so bleeping proud of the system and what it can do! And of course, Fate can and has been hacked to provide a simpler structure, so we knew it worked, but what about the people without the time or know-how to hack it themselves?

That’s where Fate Accelerated Edition comes in. FAE is the abridged “good stuff” version of our popular Fate Core system. Yes, it’s only 40 pages, but those 40 pages are intense. You get all the basics of Fate Core, plus a new way to look at character generation that’s fast, fun, and…uh…Fate-ish? We’ve distilled everything you need to run a complete game into the smallest package possible without the aid of nanotechnology.

So that means FAE is the beginner version of Fate Core, right? Not at all! RPG fans looking to introduce their kids to their hobby will benefit from the easy-to-understand rules and family-friendly art. New gamers looking to try out the hobby can now do so without investing a huge amount of time or money. Experienced gamers looking for an on-the-spot pickup game will benefit from the quick start FAE provides. Sometimes simpler is better. And now, with FAE, you’ve got that option at your fingertips.

FAE. Awesome made simpler.