Evil Hat’s Guide to GenCon – With Bonus Prizes!

We’ve been talking about this for a while, but just in case you haven’t heard, we’ll be at GenCon! We’re sponsoring the GenCon Writer’s Symposium, including a handful of events with our bestie, Jim Butcher! If you’re going to be there, check out this handy dandy guide on where to find us…and potentially score a freebie or two in the process!

Throughout the con, you can find Evil Hat products at IPR’s booth (#2221). Make sure to bring your Dresden Files RPG copies from home, or pick one up in advance of our joint signing with Jim! We will not have copies for sale at the signing table. Sadly, there just isn’t space for it.


Thursday, August 14

9:00 AM: Project Management for Game Publishers and Freelancers (Sean Nittner) – Grand Central A/B

11:00 AM: Writer’s Craft Panel: Mysteries (Carrie Harris) – Room 243

3:00 PM: Writer’s Craft Panel: Team Dynamics (Carrie Harris) – Room 245

5:00 PM: State of the Hat Panel (Rob Donoghue, Carrie Harris, Chris Hanrahan, Fred Hicks, Sean Nittner, and loads of Evil Hat talent!) – Crowne Plaza Pennsylvania Stn A

7:00 PM: Look Under the Hat Panel (Rob Donoghue, Carrie Harris, Chris Hanrahan, Fred Hicks, Sean Nittner) – Crowne Plaza Pennsylvania Stn B


Friday, August 15

10:00 AM: Media Tie-In: Story to Game (Fred Hicks) – Room 245

12:00 PM: Business of Writing: Con Etiquette for Authors (Carrie Harris) – Room 243

2:00 PM: Business of Writing: Author Networking 101 (Carrie Harris) – Room 243

3:00 PM: Joint Signing with Jim Butcher…Bring your Dresden RPGs! (Fred Hicks) – Dealer’s Room

5:00 PM: Business of Writing: Selling Your Stories (Carrie Harris) – Room 243

8:30 PM: ENnie Awards (practically everyone) – Grand Hall Ballroom of Union Station


Saturday, August 16

11:00 AM: Publishing: Small Press (Fred Hicks) – Room 244

4:00 PM: GenCon Livestream Interview (Fred Hicks) – OOMBA booth, Hall F

4:00 PM: YA: What Makes It YA? (Carrie Harris) – Room 243

5:00 PM: YA: Pushing the YA Envelope (Carrie Harris) – Room 243

7:00 PM: Urban Fantasy? Or Horror? (Carrie Harris) – Room 244


Sunday, August 17

11:00 AM: Read and Critique (Carrie Harris) – Room 245


Yeah, it makes us tired just looking at that. And these are just the events that the Head will be attending—a lot of our talented talent (writers, editors, artists) will also be at events too. It’s almost too much awesomeness to take, isn’t it?

As always, we appreciate you and all you do for us. We’d like to do something for you in return! We’re giving a free electronic copy of one of our fiction titles to anyone who does one of the following things:

  • Attend the State of the Hat (5 PM) or Look Under the Hat (7 PM) panel on Thursday, and add your name to the freebie list while you’re there.
  • Run an Evil Hat game at GenCon. Any game! And tell us about it using this handy dandy form before August 12th.

We’ll send your free book to you after we recover from con crud. Don’t worry. We recover fast. Should be around the end of the month.

Not making it to GenCon? Never fear! We’ll be doing another general Street Team event soon-ish that everyone can participate in.