Evil Hat Seeks Shipping/Logistics Specialist for Long Walks, Hand-holding, Happy Backers

Hi there! I’m Fred. I run Evil Hat. That means I wear a lot of hats, doing a lot of different jobs for the company, ones that aren’t already covered by the stellar crew that helps me run the company.

One of those jobs is overseeing our shipping operations, largely in the form of interfacing with whoever it is that’s shipping our stuff out to customers. This job gets particularly intense whenever it comes time to fulfill the shipments for a Kickstarter campaign, like the one we’re running right now.

Whenever the topic of shipping (particularly international shipping) comes up for one of our crowdfunding campaigns, there are usually several folks who are quick to point me at Stonemaier Games’ excellent post about fulfilling a KS’s shipments, globally, at reasonably minimized costs. It’s a good concept as given. The solutions offered are sound and they do manage costs pretty well. Much of what’s covered there would constitute a reduction in shipping cost for a number of our backers in a number of contexts, and that improves the likelihood of backing and the happiness of those who do. The problem is that it’s got just enough complexity to it that it stops being something that I can easily fit into the sort of time-chunk I can personally devote to the fulfillment process. And to be clear, I end up devoting quite a bit as it is.

So with that in mind I’d like to arrange for someone to come on board as our crowdfunding shipment fulfillment specialist. The post linked above gets into a lot of details that will be worth looking at (tho that’s not necessarily the specific implementation we need to go with), but in short we’re likely looking for someone with…

  • Experience with using Amazon’s fulfillment programs (see the article I linked to) specifically when *you* are the one giving them a list of folks to ship to
  • Experience with interfacing with shipping operations to distribute products globally
  • Familiarity with crowdfunding, Kickstarter, and BackerKit a plus
  • Comfortable using Excel
  • Availability to do the work whenever an “event” hits (event, like, “okay, the games are ready to ship from the manufacturer, and we have 592 backer shipments to fill once the games arrive at their various distribution centers, go“)
  • Strong, responsive communicator by email & chat (as they’ll need to work with me, and whoa boy do I work best by email)

We’d love to get whoever fits this bill on board doing preliminary research, account set-ups, and whatnot while our current campaign is still active, to give us a chance to revise our shipping cost projections as given on the front page (assuming they can be confidently reduced). If that ends up not being possible, so be it, but that’s the hope. 🙂 We do tend to run at least two campaigns a year, so this is an ongoing need.

We’ll work out a reasonable (reasonable for you, reasonable for us as a small games publisher) rate of pay for this; that’s a conversation we’ll have with applicants during our preliminary contact with them, as we’re early to figuring out the details there. It will likely be event-driven and based on the number of packages to be shipped, plus other payouts as warranted for the research & setup phases, etc. Plus, you’ll be brought in as part of the “Evil Hat Family”, which includes discounts for stuff on the Evil Hat store and peeks at what’s going on under the Hat.

Interested? Drop us a line here on the site and let us know about your credentials!