Evil Hat at Gen Con

Coming to GenCon? So is the Hat! Here’s all the places you can find us at the con.

Dealers Room

Indie Press Revolution booth, #1310 on the main aisle. They’re representing us this year, and will have some of our Fate Dice on display (not for sale, alas—the dice won’t be here that soon). They’ll also have a bunch of our other titles, especially Fate Core, Fate Accelerated, and Race to Adventure!


State of the Hat (SEM1340101) – Find out all the happenings with Evil Hat in 2013 and beyond. Crowne Plaza : Hay Market B.  Thursday 5PM-6PM


Amanda Valentine is the Ennies host! Sean Nittner, Leonard Balsera, and more will be at the Evil Hat table.


Clark Valentine is running Fate Accelerated in Games on Demand

Rob Wieland is running Camelot Trigger in Games on Demand

Mike Olson is running Atomic Robo RPG in Games on Demand

Justin Jacobson and friends are running four games of Fate Core Thursday 10:00, 1:00, and 3:00, and Friday at 10:00:

“Freight with Peril” – Power up your rifle! As EDF elites, it’s your job to secure an alien relic aboard a Republic train. The Freedom League has other plans. Ambush! Now the plasma’s flying, and the relic has activated….