Characters: Emissary of Power

This week’s character type is the emissary of power, a catch-all template for players in the supernatural community that get their juice with the backing of a powerful supernatural patron.

Emissary of Power

emissary-ritualEmissaries are mortals who’ve been saddled with a burden of great power-and great responsibility-by one of the big dogs in the supernatural community: they might be vast powers from Faerie or the outer reaches of the Nevernever, one of the true dragons, or something stranger. Emissaries of power are often the bearers of items of great potency, able to tap into the power of their patron and bring it to bear on their patron’s behalf. Such champions are usually more victim than anything, though-powers such as theirs come at the price of dark bargains, be it a lifetime of thankless servitude and sacrifice, their eternal soul, or other such “petty” things.

Knights of the Faerie Courts are an example of this, as are (by certain lights) champions of God such as the Knights of the Cross. Both have their own templates found elsewhere in this chapter. This template, then, is for the outliers, the cases that aren’t covered by the more common, more easily identified emissary templates. Perhaps there was once the Autumn Court of Faerie that got crushed by Winter and Summer-and some hapless mortal is its champion. Perhaps the dragon Ferrovax has need of a functionary that can handle all of that insignificant mortal nonsense on his behalf. Perhaps something else is afoot.

HARRY: Billy, do me a favor and stop inventing problems I don’t already have.

BOB: Actually, there’s some merit-

HARRY: That goes DOUBLE for you, Bob!

For the player looking to play something supernatural, but unsure what, this template offers plenty of build-your-own options. GMs are, however, encouraged to make the demands of the emissary’s patron a regular (if not constant) pain in the ass.

Musts: An emissary of power must have a high concept aspect that speaks to the bargain or pact they have made with a patron of great power (e.g., LAST CHAMPION OF AUTUMN or FERROVAX’S TOADIE). This aspect brings with it all of the strictures and responsibilities the patron places on the character-which can sometimes be a moving target. It may also mean that the patron can occasionally exercise near-total power over the PC (think of Harry’s predicament when Mab decides to force him to do something-like stab himself in the hand).

HARRY: Thanks for that reminder.

Player and GM should discuss the terms of this agreement, to the extent they’re known by the PC. In addition, the emissary must take Marked by Power.

Options: Many of the abilities in the supernatural abilities chapter are negotiably available, assuming you can afford the refresh cost, matching the theme and nature of the emissary’s supernatural patron (if the patron is in some way a mystery to the character, the powers taken may offer a hint). Often some of these powers are essentially contained within an Item of Power.

Tune in next time for the focused practitioner!