Dresden Lives (because you asked for it)

It’s pretty much a given that a conversation about future Evil Hat products will invariably bring up one question. “When are you coming out with more Dresden products?” And honestly, we want more Dresden too, but we’ll admit that those books are their own special breed of tough-to-make. When the source material is just that good, it comes with a certain amount of pressure to get it right.

But as you might have already gathered, we’re more than a little crazy, and we want what you want. So when Shoshana Kessock came to us with a new Dresden RPG proposal, our ears perked up. Shoshana had been running Dresden LARPs at cons for quite a while, and she felt it could be a game of its own.

Yeah, let me say that again. Dresden. LARP. Every cell in my body squees in unison when I read that.

Over the weekend, Shoshana announced this project to all the lucky peeps at the Living Games Conference in New York, so you may have seen some teasers popping up around the interwebs some time in the past few days, so let us officially confirm: Evil Hat will be publishing Dresden Lives!, a live action roleplaying game. And it will be EPIC.

A lot of the material for the book is already done, so we hope this will be relatively quick to get on the shelves, but we don’t yet have a date. But we have a current cover mockup… and it’s also EPIC.

Dresden Lives Cover Mockup

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