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Fate Dice™: Dresden Files: Winter Knight Dice – $18.00

Twelve Fate Dice™ inspired by the Dresden Files novel series and RPG!

  • 4 pearlized “winter chill” blue Fate Dice with silver ink
  • 4 pearlized “pyrofuego” orange Fate Dice with yellow ink
  • 4 iridescent “winter ice” pale blue Fate Dice with white ink

Add a little extra fuego to your Dresden Files campaign (or any other Fate game for that matter) with a set of Winter Knight themed Fate Dice™! Fate Dice™ are a premium line of Fudge Dice, and this licensed product is perfect for those moments when you need to deal with a rampaging chlorofiend or verbally spar with Queen Mab. We’ve put thought into the design. The symbols are larger and wider than traditional Fudge Dice, just in case you’re rolling in the deep dark depths of Harry’s basement. The rounded, flared ends and gentle curve of the symbols are as attractive as your average White Court vampire. Specialized sets like this have never before been on the market for Fudge Dice.

Winter Knight Fate Dice™are for sale in game stores everywhere. The packaging is designed to stand upright, lay flat, or hang from a hook for an ideal range of display options. For our customers, we’ve put a Dresden-themed surprise image behind the dice to give you an extra smile and thank-you from us here at the Hat. We wanted to take you out to Burger King for a true Dresden-style celebration, but it just wasn’t possible.Winter Knight themed Fate Dice™.

With these babies and your blasting stick, you’ll be unstoppable.