Don’t Read This Book Preorder: It Lives!

Don’t Read This Book is up for preorder.

This is an anthology of 13 stories by a boatload of crazily talented authors, set in the world of Don’t Rest Your Head. Seriously, check out that author list: Stephen Blackmoore, Harry Connolly, Rich Dansky, Matt Forbeck, Laura Anne Gilman, Will Hindmarch, Mur Lafferty, Robin D. Laws, Ryan Macklin, C.E. Murphy, Josh Roby, Greg Stolze, and Monica Valentinelli.

And, man, these stories. They really mine all the dark corners of promise from the setting. I’m ridiculously pleased.

It’ll ship by early June, but folks who preorder the softcover now will get to download the anthology as well in a variety of ebook formats (PDF, Kindle, Nook, etc). We’re holding off on selling the ebooks solo until we know we’re shipping out the softcovers, so for folks who want to read now now now, the preorder’s the way to go.

Retailer folk: The distributors may not know about this thing yet, but it’s EHP1002, and available for “instant content preorder” support via Bits & Mortar.

Check out the product page for more details!

EDIT: We’ve put up the “all the ebook formats” version as well, now, given the crazy high costs the site’s quoting for international shipping. Have at!

EDIT #2: We’ve got it up for sale at a variety of ebook vendors. Here:

If you’ve enjoyed the book and are inclined to post a review on any of those sites, it would help us out a bunch. Please buy wherever is convenient for you! Don’t Read This Book is already enjoying the #1 hot-spot on DriveThruFiction — purchases and reviews help visibility, always!