[Do] Sneak Peek at the Raw Text

Sent this out this out to playtesters morning:


Howdy Playtesters!

I’m going to spend this weekend laying out your playtest packets and they will (hopefully) be in your hands on Sunday night. If you want a sneak peek at the raw text, which includes the intro chapter, a revised character creation chapter and the actual play rules, click the link below.


RE: Character Creation: That process has been revised a bit to be more structured, bringing it in line with actual play. The most significant change is that I removed Bonds from the game. Every game design has a moment where you have to kill a darling to save the rest of the design, and Bonds had to be the one to go. Otherwise, character creation is pretty similar. You still come up with an origin and departure, there is still a trouble at the temple and you still get a chance to rescue someone from that trouble.

Anyhoo, the raw text linked above is still a work in progress. There may be a few more text edits before the weekend is out. Thus is the life cycle of game design. 😛

— Daniel