[Do] Reminder: Memorial Day Character Creation

This is just a quick reminder for folks who are making pilgrim characters this weekend. Here’s the stuff you’ll need to read

Greetings – A quick introduction to the premise.

About the Game – A slightly longer introduction to the basic elements of gameplay.

Planning the Pilgrimage – The procedure for deciding the thematic and content boundaries of your stories. There is also a step here in which you choose which letters you’ll take on the pilgrimage, but because this is just character creation you can probably skip that bit. If you would rather not, you can find a bunch of letters here.

Creating your Pilgrim – This is the actual character creation procedure, which is sort of a tutorial and introduction to how stories are told in Do. This part doesn’t have any mechanics per se, but it does follow a very structured procedure that introduces you step-by-step to some of the narrative tools at your disposal like your name, your bonds, and troublemaking.

So here’s what I need, should you choose to accept this mission:

  • Notes of your thought process through each ✔ step. That includes any questions or comments. Please, point out any typos or grammatical errors!
  • Write-ups of characters you and your group created, including their Bonding stories. Final designs for character sheets aren’t available at the moment because I’d also like…
  • Scans of any papers that come out of character creation. I’m curious how people organize their character’s information on a plain sheet of paper. That will influence the final design of the character sheet.

Thank you!