[Do] Choose their fates!

Part of making a character in Do is coming up with a description of how you grew up on your homeworld, then the rest of the group comes up with two troubles that happened to you. You can only resolve one of these troubles, though. Whichever one you didn’t resolve somehow leads to events that force you to leave home.

Every day this week, I’ll be posting the names and backgrounds of a group of characters. Each character is a child from very different worlds, but shares a theme with the other members of the group. These kids don’t know each other yet, but they’ll meet soon when their unresolved troubles eventually lead them to the Flying Temple

To maintain a collaborative spirit as I write the beta test document for Do, I’m asking you to help me decide the fates of all these characters.

Just pick which trouble to resolve, A or B. Feel free to suggest how that trouble gets resolved, too. 🙂

The Jade Foxes
Three characters with “ecology” as a shared theme.

Daniela Freitas (Princess of a desert planet)
Temple’s light is not so kind to the vast Karisian deserts. It weighs upon your shoulders like a hot boulder, pressing and burning with merciless indifference. It takes an equally heavy hand to rule a people born and bound to such a world. My hand. Princess Daniela of the House Freitas, heir to the molten throne, ruler of all sand and flame.

• Daniela’s younger brother drew mustaches over all the sacred statues, but only Daniela knows. House Tyrol seeks proof so they can lead the lesser houses in rebellion.
• King Karis, disappointed with his daughter’s scheming ways, wants perhaps decides she should be brought low for the good of the Karisian desert people.

Which trouble does Daniela resolve, A or B?

Malachi (Farmboy raising chimeric livestock)
Can’t be anything more satisfying than life on ma and pa’s splice farm. Feeding the chicken-hogs in the morning, harvesting this year’s wheat-corn crop in the afternoon, relaxing at the end of a long day with a cool glass of orange-ade. “Malachi,” ma says. “You gotta get outta here some day.” But where else would I ever want to be?

• Ma is secretly a princess fighting the royal family’s unethical splicing. It’s wrong to splice animals for war!
• Pa wants to sell the farm and go back to his old life in the city.

Which trouble does Malachi resolve, A or B?

Gunnwalh (A plant-creature with a telepathic connection to her planet)
Gunnwalh is a giant, tangled sphere of writhing vines and rustling leaves. Gunnwalh are the people living amongst the vines. These are literally the fruit of this world, each one carrying a “seed” of the world’s soul. Gunnwalh is a cluster of flowers and leaves collected into a vaguely feminine form. Like the rest of her people, she cares for her world’s delicate ecosystem and happily absorbed the temple’s light each day.

• A harsh spore falls upon the world, searing long tracks into the foliage and telepathically screaming in rage.
• The birdstorm, a migratory flock that travels across the worlds, is six months late this year.

Which trouble does Gunnwalh resolve, A or B?

Tomorrow: The Pouncing Tigers, four kids thrust into a war between imperialistic dragons and insurgent steampunk mecha!