[Do] Choose their fates!

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No matter where they’re from or how they got to the temple, every pilgrim shares a common experience from their time at home: At some point, they faced two troubles, but only one of which could be resolved. The unresolved trouble eventually lead them to the temple in the center of the sky.

Every day this week, I’ll be posting the names and backgrounds of a group of characters along with the two troubles they faced at home. I’m asking you to help me decide the fates of all these characters. Just pick which trouble to resolve, A or B. Feel free to suggest how that trouble gets resolved, too. 🙂

The Wild Unicorns
Five kids sharing a connection to the gods, mythology or theology.

Mary Anne (Low-level WoW-style priest)
Sister Mary Anne is a low-ranking priest looking to gain more experience in the healing arts. She follows the missions given to her by her older sisters, hoping to achieve a new level within the order.

• Mother Superior needs bear livers for a tincture she is crafting, but no matter how many bears she slays, there seems to only be a 25% chance of finding a liver!

• Sister Mary wants to raid the Magma Core with the rest of the church, but she doesn’t have enough gold pieces to buy the fireproof gear she needs.

Which trouble does Mary Anne resolve, A or B?

Lucy Ferrous (Angelic guardian against darkness)
Lucy Ferrous is a brilliant winged warrior. Hardened as her elemental namesake, she’s the youngest soldier to ever achieve the rank of Captain of the Host. She protects Argentum, the holiest of cities, the last silvery line of defense against the beasts who lurk beyond the edge of darkness.

• An unknown culprit with a Midas touch is turning this silver city gold. How gauche!

• During her patrols in the space between Argentum and the Darkness, Lucy begins to hear voices speaking her name…

Which trouble does Lucy resolve, A or B?

Hib Nin (Swindling faith healer)
Hib Nin is following in his father’s footsteps, going from town to town claiming to heal his congregant’s maladies and discomforts with the power of their devotion. Of course, their monetary devotion doesn’t hurt things either.

• An irate congregant claims to have never received the allergy relief Hib promised. “Hib Nin is a fraud!” he shouts during a ceremony.

• Even though it’s quite obvious Hib has no healing powers, those needy bastards will not. stop. following.

Which trouble does Hib resolve, A or B?

Sherman (God of Bad Smells)
Being the youngest sibling in a large family isn’t that great. It’s even harder when your family is a pantheon of gods assigned to govern different aspects of reality. All the cool aspects like Love, War, and Wine have all been taken by the older kids. Meanwhile, poor Sherman is stuck being the god of bad smells.

• The Shermanic Order aren’t enforcing the rule that mortals should say “There ya go, Sherman!” whenever they make bad smells. Consequently, Sherman is losing what little godly power he has to begin with.

• Coyote, the trickster god, is trying to convince Sherman to give up his station. After all, nothing could be worse than being god of bad smells, right?

Which trouble does Sherman resolve, A or B?

Charys Helion (Shepherd of an Aging Sun)
Charys is one of the Shepherd-in-training on the Solar Barge. This ship has guided Ra, the ancient, withered and only remaining star of the cosmos, in his orbit around Abydos for the last three hundred thousand dynasties. Into the underworld and out. Every day. Without fail.

• Spectres of the underworld put Charys to sleep when during his first assignment to watch over the Ra. When he wakes up, Ra is missing.

• All the other stars of the cosmos were eaten by the Skoll, the wolf. Howls have been heard in the distance recently, how will Charys and the other Shepherds keep this hungry beast at bay?

Which trouble does Charys resolve, A or B?

Tomorrow: The Coiled Serpents, six children living in or around the Living Storm, an enormous, ancient nebula of rain and lightning!