[Do] Choose their fates!

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No matter where they’re from or how they got to the temple, every pilgrim shares a common experience from their time at home: At some point, they faced two troubles, but only one of which could be resolved. The unresolved trouble eventually lead them to the temple in the center of the sky.

Every day this week, I’ll be posting the names and backgrounds of a group of characters along with the two troubles they faced at home. I’m asking you to help me decide the fates of all these characters. Just pick which trouble to resolve, A or B. Feel free to suggest how that trouble gets resolved, too. 🙂

The Pouncing Tigers
Four kids thrust into a war between imperialistic dragons and insurgent steampunk mecha!

Leopold Jaeger (Eager Steam-Mecha Pilot)

Cadet Leopold Jaeger, reporting for his first day of duty in GEAR, the Global Exoskeletal Aerospace Response corps. Used to be that only old cigar-chompers could climb inside a steam-belching rig, now eager rooks are sent to the front lines with barely any training. Regardless, GEAR keeps fighting for a glimmer of hope that they can stop the dragons from turning their world into a hollow shell for their reptilian offspring.

• A group of young rooks get infected with pacifism, deciding they don’t want to kill baby dragons.

• Leopold’s GEAR synapse connections are becoming increasingly sluggish and unresponsive. Will he be demoted to infantry?

Vasco Rios (Scrappy thief)

Yeah, fine. So we fought off the dragons. We didn’t let them take our world and we made them pay a hell of a price to boot. But we paid a price, too. Armored shield around the whole world. Armed marines at every corner. Grown-ups hassling you when you try to snatch some bread for your little brothers n’ sisters. Unless you’ve got a gun, a sword and the will to use either, you’re going to be hungry…. Yeah, we’re starving.

• One of the kids in the gang, Scratch, has been flipped by the police to become an informer.

• Vasco’s little brother Peto is being courted by a much rougher gang of hooligans.

Timo (Young hot-headed dragon)

GEAR took Timo’s brood-mates, his nest and his whole den in one of their cowardly acts of terrorism. Everything gone in a puff of unceremonious steam. But the Queen of Talons says that if any one flame is ever extinguished, those remaining must burn even brighter. From indigo darkness to the source of temple’s light and beyond, the our wings will spread across the heavens.

• Timo finds the last egg of a clutch destroyed by GEAR, but is torn between bringing it to the Broodmother and keeping it to himself.

• The Broodmother is old and her strategies are ineffectve. Timo could be a much better leader of the dragons.

Citha Camatini (Caretaker for baby dragons)

Long ago, in the ground-times, there were wars and fightings. Then the dragons came, laid their eggs in our planet and the babies ate it all up from the inside-out. It’s okay though! We’re skyfolk now and things are better. We know what’s real important now. We got each other, that’s it. We thank the dragons by taking care of their egg clutches and nursing the babies to full strength. They’ve got a big universe to take over, you know.

• A colony of parasitic grubs have been consuming the dragons’ eggs and filling the shells with their own larva.
• The baby dragons are hatching with strange mutations.

Tomorrow: The Wild Unicorns, five kids sharing a connection to the gods.