[Do] Call for Volunteers: Memorial Day Character Creation

If you’ve read Planning the Pilgrimage and Creating your Pilgrim, you may have noticed placeholders that say [EXAMPLE: 200 Words] or [EXAMPLE: 400 Words].

These are placeholders for examples of play. The word count is roughly how much space I have to write those examples. I want the main text to get all the information across on its own, thus allowing the examples of play to be reinforcement and pure example. Thus, I’m just using placeholders for now.

Do you have some time with your gaming groups this Memorial Day weekend and want to do me a super-big favor? Try running through these two chapters and take some notes after each ✔. That will really help me write examples that are true to life and also point out where the text needs to be clearer. I know it’s tough to read the text in its raw state, but hopefully it’s enough to make your characters.

Note: One of the steps in Planning the Pilgrimage references a chapter that is as yet unwritten, Letters to Heaven, but you can find a whole bunch of letters on the old forum here.

So here’s what I need, should you choose to accept this mission:

  • Notes of your thought process through each ✔ step. That includes any questions or comments. Please, point out any typos or grammatical errors!
  • Write-ups of characters you and your group created, including their Bonding stories. Final designs for character sheets aren’t available at the moment because I’d also like…
  • Scans of any papers that come out of character creation. I’m curious how people organize their character’s information on a plain sheet of paper. That will influence the final design of the character sheet.

And that’s it! Send me an email at omnimancer@yahoo.com if you can do all this. 😀