Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game

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Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game

by Shannon Appelcline

Game Historian of Designers & Dragons

Board Game Analyst of Mechanics & Meeples

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting segments of Shannon Appelcline’s excellent strategy guide for the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game. Articles will go up in this space on Mondays and Wednesdays, but never fear! If you miss an article, or if you’d like to go back to some bit of exceptional brilliance, we’ll be posting links to all of the articles here as they go live.

Section I: The Three Resources

Section II: Planning Your Actions

Section III: Managing Your Actions

Section IV: Playing Player Cards

Section V-A: Removing Advantages & Obstacles

Section V-B: Attacking Foes & Cases

Section VI: Planning for the Win

Section VII: Ending the Game

Section VIII-A: Playing the Core Characters

Section VIII-B: Playing Expansion #1: Fan Favorites

Section VIII-C: Playing Expansion #2: Helping Hands

Section VIII-D: Playing Expansion #3: Wardens Attack

Section VIII-E: Playing Promo Characters

Section VIII-F: Playing Expansion #4: Dead Ends

Section VIII-G: Playing Expansion #5: Winter Schemes

Section IX: Picking Your Characters

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