[Crosspost] The Final Push on Race to Adventure!

(Head on over to the Kickstarter to back Race to Adventure before time runs out!)

We’re into the last day and a half of funding, Racers!

This is when your voice in social media will make the biggest difference in how much stuff we’ll be able to give you when it’s all said and done. We raised nearly $9,000 in the first day of this project — and we only need less than $6,000 to reach the Hollow Earth.It can be done!

To help things along, we’re upping the ante–Strange Travels style! At the very least we’ll be releasing a smaller version of Strange Travels if we reach our $50,000 stretch goal, along with the already-promsied Hollow Earth promo expansion that’s part of the $50,000 stretch goal.

You’ve already seen a peek at three alternative board layouts that will go Strange Travels for sure. But there could be more — and how much more will be up to you!

For every $1,000 we raise past $50,000, we’ll add another rules variant or alternative board layout to enhance your Race to Adventure experience.

At $51,000, we’ll include support in Strange Travels for a sixth player.

At $52,000, we’ll include support for solo play.

Other possibilities exist depending on how far we can take it. A mobile game location, like Brigadoon or a flying fortress … support for cooperative gameplay … game actions that let you change the layout of the board during play … it’s all on the table!

Your backing will tell us how far to push the envelope.

The finish line is in sight. Time to fire up the afterburners and go full throttle. Let’s win this race and win big!