Coming Soon: Fate Core!

Over the next nine days, we’re going to be putting the finishing touches on our next Kickstarter project: Fate Core! 

With this project, we’re trying something new with Kickstarter. With an intentionally long project run-time, we’ll be working with you — our fans and (hopefully) backers — to ensure that the version of Fate that we release at the far end is polished and tested to the highest possible standard: your standard.

Once the project launches in early December, on the first day, backers will get access to download an early, full-content, no-art, laid out preview copy of Fate Core. Over the course of the project’s 60 days, we’ll be listening to backers’ reading and playtesting feedback to refine Fate Core even further.

In the interest of seeking your feedback, we’re giving you an early look at what the Kickstarter page will look like. This is a work in progress! The video is not 100% complete, and we may tweak the price points, goal amounts, reward structure, and more prior to our early December launch. But we’d love you to take a look and let us know what you think — especially if it seems like something important is missing.

Here’s the preview link for the Kickstarter project — drop on by, watch the video, and read up on the details:

You may want to know what will happen with Fate Core after the campaign. Here’s the short version:  Once all the art is done, the layout, index, and table of contents finalized, the PDF will be released to the general public on a pay-what-you-like pricing scheme (including free), and a softcover print edition will be made available for sale through our usual distribution and direct sale channels as well. Upon that publication, we will release 100% of its text content under the Open Gaming License as well, in SRD form. At the latest, we expect all of that to happen by the beginning of Spring 2013. (There’s nothing preventing third party publishers from starting their design efforts based on Fate Core prior to that release date, it just won’t be legal to publish that work incorporating the Fate Core text until we’ve published Fate Core ourselves.)

If you’d like to stay abreast of our projects on kickstarter, check out our profile page as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you about our plans — and thanks!