Character Types

It’s our goal to support as many types of characters as possible for the Dresden Files RPG.  Ultimately what limits the kinds of character templates available as PCs is simple: it’s a question of whether or not the type of creature represented has so much power it loses any capacity for the mortal gift of free will.  Free will is what makes PCs — and heroes — possible in the Dresdenverse.  And when you lose it all, that’s when the dictates of nature take over.  When wizards fall too far into the black or reach too high for power, when changelings make the choice to become full blooded fae, when a politician makes every moral compromise necessary to take the reins of influence,  that’s when they stop being people and start to resemble monsters.  It’s a slippery slope that’s all too easy to slide down.

To give an idea of what characters we’ll be supporting in the game, we’re doing a series of posts on our blog covering each of the character types. You can find the series to date, here.