Characters: Champions of God

Today we continue our sneak peek into character types with the champion of God character template.

Champions of God

Champions of God at WorkChampions of God are among the rarest of mortal humans, actively called to service by the Almighty (in one of many possible guises) to stand against the darkness and beat it back with the strength and light of their faith. They are very few in number, usually limited to one of the three Knights of the Cross.

In your campaign world there may be more than simply the Knights of the Cross who may rightly be called champions of God. Talk to the GM about any ideas you have along these lines.

HARRY: I wish. If only there were more Michael Carpenters in the world.

Musts: Champions of God must have a high concept aspect that is in line with their nature as a true holy warrior-such an aspect (e.g., KNIGHT OF THE CROSS) will be the source of many opportunities for invocation, but also carries the weight of the responsibilities and codes of behavior expected from such men and women of faith.

Champions of God must take a fairly high Conviction score (Good or higher recommended). In addition, Champions of God must take the following supernatural abilities:

  • Bless This House
  • Guide My Hand
  • Holy Touch
  • Righteousness

Options: Knights of the Cross carry one of the Swords of the Cross in addition to the above:

  • Item of Power
  • Sword of the Cross

Tune in for our next installment, the changeling, in just a few weeks!