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Mack Silver, Spirit of Freedom

Mack Silver, Spirit of Freedom

The roar of the plane! The smell of the exhaust! The distant chatter of machine guns and screeching angry ape pilots! That’s how you know Mack Silver is here, and that it’s time for him to deliver the goods.

Silver—sometimes called “Mack the Knife” or the “Silver Fox”—is a smuggler by trade, traveler by heart. This is who he is and who he always was: even as a child he’d sneak dime novels, fat frogs, and rock candy past the nuns and into school for those willing to pay him back in pennies or favors. When he got bored of that, he’d do what he always did: pack a bag and run away from home for weeks on end. Eventually his parents would find him somewhere completely unexpected: traveling with a theater troupe, riding the rails as a faux-hobo, sneaking on board ocean liners bound for distant isles.

That theme persists in Silver’s adult life. He could’ve lived a comfortable life of constant luxury—after all, he grew up the child of wealthy parents. But something about that got under Mack’s skin. All that complacency. The obscurity. The lack of adventure!

These days, Silver lives the life he wants to live, globe-hopping in his heavily-modified Boeing 314 clipper, one of the so-called “boat-planes” that never needs a runway—just a tract of open ocean in which to set down. The plane, rebuilt from the ground up by Sally Slick, now serves as a mobile clubhouse for the Century Club …

… though, it’s the Century Club that causes Mack the most confusion. He’s a rogue, a rake, a cad—he tells everybody he’s in it for nobody but himself. He likes to be on his own, he says, which is why he never settles down with one woman (and why he’s ignorant of Sally’s unrequited love). It’s why he chooses to travel to distant horizons, establishing new trade routes with lost civilizations or fighting dinosaurs to create new cargo cults on lost primal islands.

And yet when the chips are down, there he is, serving the Century Club’s interests above his own every time. He tells them it’s because he “likes the adventure,” but one wonders how long he will continue believing this fiction.

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Chuck Wendig is the author of Dinocalypse Now, which is set in the same universe as the Race to Adventure! board game. Chuck is the author of the novel Double Dead and the upcoming Blackbirds (May) as well as a series of books on writing advice available for purchase at his website, terribleminds.