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Amelia Stone, Spirit of Justice

Amelia Stone, Spirit of Justice

Bullies watch out: you step out of line, you might just fall afoul of the two cracking fists of itinerant world traveler, Amelia Stone! Stone doesn’t truck with the likes of users and abusers, and she does her level best to track down and bring to justice those who would exert their power over the meek.

Amelia’s father was a Boston banker visiting Paris, her mother a down-on-her-luck Ethiopian-born lounge singer: Amelia herself was born in the City of Lights (La Ville-Lumière) and as a girl watched her parents struggle to escape from under the boot of the Parisian criminal empire headed by its imperator, Le Monstre Aux Yeux Verts, “The Green-Eyed Monster.” Then came the day when her parents could no longer pay their debts—but Amelia would not let them flee Paris. The City of Lights was their home, she said, and they weren’t going anywhere.

Amelia “borrowed” a Giuseppe Gilera 317cc overhead-valve motorcycle off the Parisian streets and rode it to—and then into—the Monster’s warehouse hideaway. The next morning, the authorities were shocked to discover the warehouse burned to cinders, with all the Monster’s men alive but stacked up in the street like corded firewood, hands and feet bound, mouths stuffed with illegal promissory notes. The Green-Eyed Monster himself remains at large, however, half of his face burned away by the fire, now replaced with a half-mask made of pig-iron. Amelia would tear the city apart with her bare hands if it afforded her a lead on capturing him.

Amelia found in that act an alarming joy when putting the beat-down on those malefactors who would exploit the weaknesses of others, and to this day Amelia seeks out this thrill all over the world. Any who meet her would find that nowadays she travels on a cherry-red 1928 Indian Scout Model 101. She lives by her wits and her fists, and that, she claims, is all she ever needs.

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Chuck Wendig is the author of Dinocalypse Now, which is set in the same universe as the Race to Adventure! board game. Chuck is the author of the novel Double Dead and the upcoming Blackbirds (May) as well as a series of books on writing advice available for purchase at his website, terribleminds.