Buzz About Race to Adventure!™

June Hobby Gaming News Roundup: Origins Convention Reports and More
By Matt Morgan

“Evil Hat Productions, an RPG publisher, has decided to expand into board and card game publishing. Their first two products of this type, the board game Race to Adventure and the card game Zeppelin Armada, will be based on their popular Spirit of the Century RPG property.”

Evil Hat Announces Race to Adventure!
By Ewen Cluney

“Evil Hat has already publicized intentions to expand beyond the role-playing games that made them famous with the Zeppelin Armada card game (by Jeff Tidball), but today they put out a press release announcing their first tabletop board game, Race to Adventure: The Spirit of the Century Exploration Game.”

Evil Hat to Release Board Game
By Elliott Miller

“In the wake of their two recent Origins Awards wins, including The Dresden Files for Best RPG and Our World: The Dresden Files for Best RPG supplement, Evil Hat Productions has announced that they will be soon releasing their first foray into the world of Board Gaming.”

Evil Hat Jumps on the Board Game Train
By Lt. Renee Masson

“Evil Hat is known for publishing RPGs, and is now taking on board and card games, with similar themes to their RPG campaign settings. Race to Adventure fits the bill with an action-selection theme based in the Spirit of the Century universe.”

News from Around the Net – Publisher News

“I love the fact that [Race to Adventure! is] meant as ‘an entry point for younger and casual gamers… while also having ample strategy to appeal to a wide range of players.’ Definitely something to keep on the radar for later this year or early 2012.”


Evil Hat Moves Into Board and Card Games
By Yehuda Berlinger

“Race to Adventure … will be a board game in the Spirit of the Century world.”