King Khan

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Download first three Chapters

Download first three Chapters

Chapter 1

Jet Black fell.

He did not fall through open air. He did not plunge deep into water.

He tumbled through time and space. Everything was light and dark at the same time—bright flashes pulsing and long shadows stretching like cooling tar. It felt like he was falling through an endless tunnel, a pit-like perforation in the cosmic continuum.

All around him rose the voices and sounds of history: cannon-fire, erupt- ing volcanoes, jackhammers breaking asphalt, the cheers and jeers of infinite crowds, the wailing of animals, the sobbing of children. All sounds warped, melting from one into another. A mad cacophony of noises kicking through his ear-drums and nesting deep in his mind.

It went on like this.

For a minute or a millennium, Jet could not say.

But for all the time, through all the space, one word formed crystalline in his mind, resonating like a fork tapping glass:


When last he left her, Sally was crying his name. She reached out for him across the massive underground chamber, a sculpted space beneath Atlantis, as he hung frozen and limp in the invisible grasp of not one but two Doctor Methuselahs.

She had fired a sonic blast through the funnel-tube that wound around the chamber like a golden snake, and then everything unstuck as the platform dropped suddenly toward the whirling portal below, the two Doctors going with it. Jet suddenly flew forward, slamming hard into the side of the cham- ber—seeing stars, his head tolling like a bell—before dropping down toward the portal with all the others.

All the others except Sally.

Sally, left behind on the elevator platform.

Reaching. Yelling. Her body damaged by Methuselah’s cruel mathemagic attack.

Jet plunged into the portal.

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