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KidRobo.fwIf you want to know how this game came to be, look no further than Twitter. Fred was, as Fred does, hanging out on Twitter at the tail end of 2011. So was Brian Clevinger, the creator-author of the wildly successful Atomic Robo comic book series. They didn’t know each other yet, but the conversation went such that Fred had a chance to praise the comic, and Brian had a chance to admire Evil Hat, and from there it turned into a delightful “Hey… you got your chocolate hat into my robotic peanut butter” situation.

Turns out Brian had been thinking about an Atomic Robo RPG for a while. Both Brian and his partner-in-Robo artist Scott Wegener are gamers. They’d thought about making the game themselves—then realized they knew how to make comics, not games. They considered a Savage Worlds version, but they wanted a stand-alone game rather than an expansion, so that turned out to be a non-starter.

Then Brian read the Fate adaptation of the delectable Kerberos Club setting from Arc Dream. And so Brian knew love. Brian and Mike Olson, who had worked on the adaptation, got to talking about using the “Strange Fate” version of the system seen in Kerberos as the basis for an Atomic Robo RPG.

Then Fred went and talked on Twitter (bringing us back to where we started this tale).

Turns out all three parties were keen to work on such a project together. Brian insisted on Mike’s involvement—but didn’t need to, since Fred had already made a nefarious plot to assimilate Mike into the Hat. Mike was down with the nefarious plot. Fred, who’d previously sworn off doing more licensed RPGs, found that Robo was the kind of opportunity that made his geeky heart go pitter-pat.

Plans took shape.

With Fate Core right around the corner, Fred suggested a Strange Fate/Robo/Fate Core mashup to build the ultimate multi-era, Robo-powered, pick-up-and-play-in-ten-minutes game. Mike and Fred joined together to form Mechageekazor, the Game Designing Robot, to develop the system. Then Fred separated the saucer section and went back to working on running Evil Hat.

Mike shotgunned all the past, present, and future material for Atomic Robo, digesting more series spoilers than… uh, than an insider type person who… this metaphor isn’t working out. MIKE GOT SPOILERED A BUNCH AND LOVED IT. He was a machine, relentlessly throwing himself into developing the best Atomic Robo RPG.

Along the way we’ve been able to work closely with the creative team behind Atomic Robo. Brian Clevinger wrote most of the game’s setting material, including bios of the people and secret organizations at work in the Roboverse. Scott Wegener did a killer cover and a few original interior illustrations. And both have played the game and loved it. We wouldn’t settle for anything less.

It’s hot stuff, people. Thoroughly playtested, fully delicious, and robot approved. Go ahead and ask our playtesters what they think! We don’t do NDAs. You’ll like what you see.