Atomic Robo RPG Preorders!

Robo Cover 300pxWe know you’ve been eager, excited, and something else that starts with “e” to get your hands on the Atomic Robo RPG. We understand–so are we! And it’s with that in mind that we bring you the most exciting action science alert ever, except for all of those action science alerts about Atomic Robo that are also exciting.

Our Action Scientists have been working around the clock to determine the optimal time for the Atomic Robo RPG preorder, and they’ve informed us that the time is NOW! That’s right, you can reserve your copy of the ARRPG before Dr. Dinosaur snaps them all up and locks them away in a super-secret storage facility. Your book will be shipped immediately as soon as it’s released in June.

You don’t have to be familiar with Atomic Robo to love this RPG. Just in case you aren’t, here’s a short description: The Atomic Robo RPG is a two-fisted science adventure based on the popular comic series by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener. Face down global conspiracy as an immortal atomic robot or even Carl Sagan. Play an action scientist, super-spy, or pulp adventurer–or something stranger still from the hidden corners of super-science! This Fate Core system game is multi-era, pick-up-and-play gaming at its best: get playing in ten minutes or take your time and make the most of behind-the-scenes rules for added depth. Grab your gear and get ready for full-contact, high-octane, explosive hypothesis testing!

If you order from our webstore, you’ll get a free PDF with every physical copy. But we love our Friendly Local Gaming Stores too, so if you’d like to get your copy there, please remind them that they can offer our PDF guarantee too through our buddies at Bits and Mortar! Check out the instructions here to make that happen. Either way, we want to make sure that you have both physical and digital formats to make it as easy as possible for you to start punching vampires and practicing science.

Get ready for some punching! Robots! Science! And yes, more punching!