Atomic Robo Preorder Day Two: Retailer Flyer, Corrections, PDF Release Plans

The preorder of the Atomic Robo RPG has launched and it’s going great! Evil Hat has directly sold over 275 copies as of this writing, and game stores everywhere are coming on board to offer the Instant PDF Preorder experience in-store thanks to our friends at Bits & Mortar.

We wanted to post this update to give folks an idea of where we’re at and what’s next. Here goes.

Atomic Robo Preorder Promo FlyerRetailer Promo Flyer

If you’re one of the friendly local game stores offering the Instant PDF Preorder, you might want something you can print up and advertise the offer. Good news—we’ve made one! Click on the picture here to download a copy, or just log into your Bits & Mortar retailer account and grab one from the Evil Hat folder.

If you instead want a version of the flyer that includes the cover price (MSRP $35), click here.

Your Corrections & Feedback Are Delicious

We’ve been getting some great feedback on the early-access PDF of the RPG, and folks have already found a few small issues for us to fix. This is all according to plan! (Remain calm. Trust in science.)

We’re going to be incorporating a number of these changes before we send the files off to the printer. If you catch an issue yourself, please do let us know! We’ll need to hear from you before the end of April. Feedback should be submitted using our handy dandy Robo feedback form—thanks!

Thank you to everyone who’s helped make sure we work out the last few bugs in this thing before ink gets committed to paper. It’s a huge help.

Our Plans for the PDF-Only Release

As mentioned above, we’re at about 275 preorders right now. Once that number hits 1000, or we reach June 1st, we’ll release the PDF as a stand-alone product for folks who don’t want the physical book. Why the delay? Well, we have a few reasons.

First off, unsold inventory is effectively the same as unspent income when tax-time comes around. By offering access to the PDF only through preorders of the physical book, we’re giving folks an incentive to help us reduce that inventory.

Secondly, this is an opportunity for us to protect the value of the Instant PDF Preorder we’re running with game stores everywhere. This is in our best interests for any number of reasons, but here are a couple: it makes sure more game stores will be eager to adopt and offer the game; it helps keep those game stores healthy and vital as the go-to place for customers to pick up new games, and healthy stores are good for us and the game industry at large.  We’re also doing what we can to use it as a way to encourage more stores to sign up with Bits & Mortar, which as one of the founding publishers we’re quite interested in seeing happen.

And finally, this strategy also helps make sure we pay off the cost of the (5-digit-quantity) print run as early as possible, which keeps us as healthy and agile as possible as a publishing company.

For those who want to stay away from paper products, we totally get it, and we promise you won’t have to wait past June. We’re also on board with Atomic Robo creators Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener’s desires to see the PDF be as affordable as possible for the fans — expect us to set the price somewhere in the $10-15 range.

Thanks to everyone who’s participated in the preorder so far, and we hope to see more of you come on board through our own store or your local game store of preference. We are super proud of this game and everything the team that created it has accomplished. And if you get a chance to play, please let us know!