Announcing the Evil Hat Street Team!

PrintHere at Evil Hat Central, we hold a few things to be self-evident: The earth is round. Twinkies are really yummy but a little frightening at the same time. Our success is all because of you. There’s more, but these are really the keys in our mind, and particularly the last one. You’re the ones who spread the word about our Kickstarters. You run our games at cons. You hand our books to other people and say, “Dude, you have to try this.” Without you, we quite simply wouldn’t exist.

You deserve something for that. One of our central philosophies has always been to take care of you as well as you take care of us, so we’ve tried to cram as much value into every transaction you have with us. We’ve worked to make our products affordable and accessible with programs like our PDF guarantee and our pay-what-you-like offers. Your motivation and passion about our games keeps inspiring us to do more.

This is why we’re instituting a Street Team program. This is not some gag in which we try to force you to do our work for us. This is our attempt to reward you for doing things you’re already doing, and to give you ideas on how you can really make a difference in the future of Evil Hat. If you’re not motivated to do these things, there’s no pressure! But if you’re the kind of person who enjoys spreading the word about games, and you’re already doing it? This is an opportunity for you to keep doing those things and get recognition and rewards for it.

The concept is simple. We have five Street Team challenges listed below. As you’ll see, the list is really varied. Our goal was to make sure that every person in the Evil Hat Community can easily complete at least one task if they choose to do so. There are tasks that are affordable and tasks that are quick, tasks that happen online and tasks that happen at your Friendly Local Gaming Store. The key here is that by pointing all of us in one direction at the same time, we’re going to really make a difference for our new Fate Core Kickstarter products—Fate Worlds, Fate System Toolkit, Strange Tales of the Century, and Sally Slick and the Steel Syndicate. The better we do with these products, the bigger we can go next time. And trust us—we’re ready to step up our game.

Complete as many—or as few—of the Street Team tasks as you want by the end of November (officially recorded as 12:00 AM EST on December 1st, if you’re a last minute kind of person), and record them in the Rafflecopter below. We realize this step violates the we’re-not-asking-you-to-do-anything-you’re-not-already-doing thing, but it’s necessary because we want to reward you.

Because this is our first event like this, we’re really going big. All participants will receive a PDF of Shannon Appelcline’s Designers & Dragons: The 70s, when it becomes available. This RPG history profiles some of the industry greats like TSR, and we can guarantee that you’ll want volumes 2-4 when they come out. You’ll also get an ebook of Dinocalypse Now by Chuck Wendig. This novel has everything: excitement, pulp adventurers, and psychosaurs. And at the end of this event, we’re going to pick three runners-up, who will receive a free download of their choice from the Evil Hat store. And one grand prize winner, who gets to choose between two prizes:

  • Option A: Up to $50 worth of products from the Evil Hat store, plus one set of Fate dice (your choice).
  • Option B: All the downloads. That’s right; you get every downloadable PDF we have available at the end of the event.

So what do you need to do to win? That’s easy. There are no sign ups. No registrations. Just five simple things you can do to spread the word about Evil Hat:

  • Task 1: The Flyer! Print out this flyer, which describes our new products—Fate Worlds, Fate System Toolkit, Strange Tales of the Century, and Sally Slick and the Steel Syndicate—and take it to your Friendly Local Gaming Store or gaming club and ask them to post it. That’s all! Take a picture (the product on the wall, or you holding the flyer up near the sign…we’re not picky) and send it to us at Per your request in Update 3 below, we’ve also created a bonus intro to Fate flyer that is OPTIONAL.
  • Task 2: Online Review! Post an online review of Fate Core, Fate Accelerated Edition, and/or Race to Adventure. Each product you review counts as one entry. You can post them on your personal website, on a gaming site, on vendors like Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Already reviewed? Past reviews do count. Give us links.
  • Task 3: Downloads! Download an Evil Hat product of your choice from DriveThruRPG. This can be a free product, a pay-what-you-like product, or a paid product—we don’t care. Talk online about your purchase experience and overall satisfaction with the product. This can be by rating it at DriveThruRPG, posting on a forum, or telling us on Facebook. Give us a link to your comments.
  • Task 4: Game! Run or play in a Fate or Race to Adventure game. This can be with your local gaming group, at a con, wherever. Take a picture and post it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or send it to us at and we’ll post it for you. Let us know in the Rafflecopter where your picture is. Sometimes it’s tough to match names with twitter handles.
  • Task 5: Spread the Word! Spread the word about the Street Team. Link to this post online at your website, twitter, Facebook, favorite forum, whatever. The bigger we can make this, the more we can offer to you next time in terms of prizes and awesomeness.

Don’t forget to record your completed tasks in the Rafflecopter below to be entered into the drawing and to receive your freebies. And yes, this drawing is open internationally.

Do you have questions? Comments? Please let us know, and we’ll add clarifications and whatnot to this blog post as they become available. Are you new to Evil Hat (maybe you’re here via a link from Task 5)? We’ll announce all of our future Street Team events through our regular newsletter, because asking people to sign up for one more mailing list just didn’t seem kosher to us. We hope you’ll consider signing up (you can do that at the upper right of this page), or maybe browsing our website to learn a little more about us.

UPDATE 1: If the Rafflecopter isn’t nice to you, or if you make a mistake entering your info, just drop me a note at, and I’ll fix it for you. No stress permitted–this is supposed to be easy! Also, for task 4, you can play RtA as well as Fate, which is now noted above.

UPDATE 2: Minor typo in the Rafflecopter has been fixed! The correct address is, not gmail. Sorry, guys. There isn’t enough caffeine in the world this morning.

UPDATE 3: The lovely people over at the Fate Core Google+ community (specifically Craig Hatler) wisely asked if we might create a basic introductory Fate flyer to take along with the official Task 1 flyer, just in case people weren’t familiar with Fate. Done! We now have a bonus intro flyer—print and take it along if you’re willing, but it’s not necessary to earn Task 1 credit.

And please, by all means, let us know what you think of this new program, which we hope will morph and grow into something really amazing. Above all, our goal is to make sure you feel recognized, appreciated, and rewarded for all the things you do for us…and that our future is full of awesome games.

DECEMBER 2 UPDATE: Looking for winners? Wondering why we don’t have any yet? A few people have had problems with the Rafflecopter, and we’re helping them behind the scenes, because we want all of you to get credit for your hard work! We plan to draw winners later today or tomorrow, and then we’ll follow up with information on your free PDFs. Thanks for your patience! And if you’ve got rafflecopter questions, don’t delay! Send them to so we can make sure your name is in the drawing!

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