Announcing our next card game….kinda

We are thrilled to announce our next card game in partnership with a crazy talented fellow named Tim Rodriguez. You might have heard of his excellent work via Brooklyn Indie Games. If you haven’t, check it out. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

This is a big game. An awesome game. We are super excited about it, and we hope you will be too. Once you guess it, that is.

See, we like games. (SHOCKER.) We like them a lot. (DOUBLE SHOCKER.) We want to play one with you to tide us over because we want Tim’s game right now and the wait is killing us. We’re dying. We’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more games with a side order of cowbell.

Here’s how this is going to work. Tim’s going to be announcing three cards. One today (10/31). And then one the next two days. These cards aren’t final, since the game is still in development, but we’ll give you the general topic. For example, we could say, “Cowbell,” and the final card might be “A prescription for more cowbell” or “The cowbell of eternal life” or “Christopher Walken’s cowbell fever.” These are general card ideas, and subject to change. But each card, added up, will help you guess the theme of the game.

On Thursday, Nov. 3, we’ll announce the theme, just in case you haven’t guessed it already. But we have faith in you.

You’ll get first peek at the clues by following Tim on Twitter (@dicefoodlodging). We’ll also post them here just in case you miss them. We can’t wait to see all your guesses! Also, we now want to make a cowbell game. I think we all saw that coming, right?





Stay tuned!