An Update on Hat Products and Sellables

Things are moving! More specifically, Hat things are moving, which is delightful! The Tabletop Fate Core episode (which you’ve seen, right?!?!) has brought lots of new folks to Fate, and copies of all kinds of Fatery are flying off the shelves. Blades in the Dark has hit the shelves running (probably from the Bluecoats). And with the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game and Dresden Accelerated looming on the horizon (official release date June 14th, and yes, we’ll all be at Origins demoing the crap out of them), we want to make sure everyone from retailers to consumers knows how to get their paws on our stuff.

Over the past couple of days, a few people have brought to our attention that their FLGS can’t get Blades in the Dark, and they’ve asked if it’s sold out already. Absolutely not! Games can go out of stock at distributors for a variety of reasons–sales were unexpectedly high; product is moving from one warehouse to another and hasn’t hit the stock numbers yet; orders are in process, etc. etc. While a product might be out at one particular distributor for a reason like that, we work with a variety of different distributors to help keep these interruptions to a minimum. So Distributor X might be out of stock on a particular title while the packages are in transit, but Distributor Y still has it. At the moment that we’re writing this, Blades is out at a few distributors, and restocks are in progress. Indie Press Revolution and GTS Distribution both have copies, and we’ll continue to update that status on Hat social media. Twitter’s usually the source for the most timely updates.

We want to make sure that you can get your hands on the games you want, so we’re also going to work on doing a better job of letting you know when something’s about to go out of stock. We’ve been updating our social media when that happens, but we’re also adding a line to each product page that will take you to this product list. It will tell you if a product is in stock (meaning that we have copies in print and therefore distributors and retailers can get it), stock is dwindling, or it’s out for good. We’ll also continue to update these things via our social media, and we’re talking more to our distributors to make sure we’re staying on top of all of this. It’s a new level of busy for us, but we’re working to adjust to the pace and make sure you know what’s up.

Speaking of keeping you abreast on what’s up….

We’ve had a run on Fate Dice lately. If you’re jonesing for a set of the Core Dice and you spot some in the wild, grab them. We have just sent out the last of them from our warehouse. Same with the Antiquity Dice–we’re percolating what will likely be the last orders for those. But don’t worry, because we’ve still got seven sets of awesome dice in a variety of colors and themes!

Otherwise, all of our products are still available! If your FLGS is having hard luck finding a copy of a Hat product, check out our full list of distributors here for more options. Retail stores can also subscribe to our retailer mailing list to be notified when products are going out of stock, and we’re always available to help at Don’t hesitate to drop us a line, and know that, while we’re adjusting to the new pace, we’re still dedicated to advance planning and transparent business practices.

Evil Hat. Transparent like Saran Wrap.