About Us

We do this because it’s a heckload of fun.

Evil Hat started on a lark. When Fred and Rob created that first iteration of Fate on a road trip in 2000, they had no idea they were planting the seeds that would grow into a company. Since then, we’ve broken ground and won awards with RPG games like Fate Core, Spirit of the Century, and the Dresden Files RPG, as well as growing into tie-in fiction and board games. We hadn’t realized it until this moment, but somewhere along the way we developed a love of gardening metaphors. We’re not sure how that happened, but we’ll run with it.

In short, we’re still having a heckload of fun. If anything, it’s heckloadier. A potful. A wagonload. Ah, gardening!

Our company policies can be summed up pretty simply: Take care of your peeps, and your peeps will take care of you. Behind the scenes, we’re constantly evaluating how we can make this happen. Whether you’re a customer, an artist, or a Friendly Local Gaming Store, you’re a part of what makes this the heckloadiest fun ever. Recognizing that is important to us. Here are a few of our peep-friendly policies:

  • We’re an open book. We want you to know what we stand for and feel good about where we’re going as a company. Take a look at our State of the Hat announcements—we’re transparent, and we want your feedback.
  • We want our customers to be involved! Whether you’re helping to spread the word about our products, reporting errors in a sneak peek, or playtesting a game, you’re an invaluable part of our community. You’re important, and we want to recognize that. Sign up for our newsletter or pledge one of our Kickstarters to get in on those opportunities.
  • We make things that don’t suck. We believe passion makes the best stuff, and we’ve got passion for what we make in spades. (Is that another gardening reference? It’s like they’re seeding themselves!) We’re not shoving out sub-par products for the money; we’re in it because we love to share games and books with people who love them as much as we do.
  • We treat our artists with respect and pay them promptly and fairly.
  • We support our Friendly Local Gaming stores whenever possible, because they are awesome. We value and respect our FLGS partners and their customers, so we don’t compete with brick and mortar stores on price. And…
  • We always work to add value to our products. For example, check out our PDF guarantee. Buy a book of ours in a gaming store, and we’ll give you the PDF for free. Same as in our web store.
  • We’ll always remember that we’re lucky to do something we love. Awwww.

We treat our friends, fans, and freelancers like we want to be treated. Passion, access, honesty, transparency, and high-value awesomeness: that’s what we’re growing here in the Evil Hat gar—dagnabbit!