About the Designers

Game designers Evan Denbaum, E.K. Lytle & Chris Ruggiero at EndGame.


Evan A. Denbaum
Evan Denbaum is a video game industry professional and co-designer of Heist and Race to Adventure!™ – The Spirit of the Century Exploration Game. A hockey-loving New York native, Evan now lives and works in the San Francisco Peninsula.
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E.K. Lytle
E.K. Lytle is the co-designer of Heist and Race to Adventure! By day E.K. works to protect us all from harmful chemicals as a chemist for the Environmental Protection Agency. A Southern California native, E.K. now resides in California’s East Bay.
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Chris Ruggiero
Chris Ruggiero is co-designer of Race to Adventure! and co-owner of EndGame, a full-service retail game store located in historic downtown Oakland, Calif. Chris takes great pride in providing board gamers and hobbyists with a clean, light-filled destination for playing games, meeting people and having lots of fun. EndGame has two large mezzanine areas where customers are free to take part in EndGame’s weekly leagues, tournaments, gaming nights and special events. It’s a special place known throughout the gaming world. 
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