A Word About Kickstarter

Over the past 10 years, Kickstarter campaigns have been an essential business driver for Evil Hat. Thanks to Fate Core’s 2013 Kickstarter, we were able to publish an award-winning game that has been the backbone of many new and exciting products we have made since. While we don’t crowdfund every game we publish, over the course of 14 Kickstarter campaigns we have reached 36,000+ gamers and raised over $1.6 million dollars. As a company, Evil Hat uses Kickstarter as a key tool in managing production budgets and engaging new customers.

At the same time, Evil Hat is a company that attempts to live our values and serve as just one example of integrity and fairness in this small but competitive industry. Whether that means prominently featuring safety tools in the Fate Horror Toolkit, publishing disabled designers in the Fate Accessibility Toolkit, or taking the simple step of making sure the art and NPCs in our games cover diverse representation, we believe it’s important to make money in a way that aligns with our values and principles.

So we were very disappointed to learn yesterday that Kickstarter management may be engaged in union-busting efforts. These actions don’t speak well to Kickstarter’s self-proclaimed role as a public benefit corporation and they don’t align with Evil Hat’s values when it comes to transparency, fairness, or equity.

We have had plans and marketing efforts underway to launch Agon 2nd Edition in partnership with designer John Harper next week. This would be our 15th KS campaign, and one which we have strong hopes for. We appreciate that the Kickstarter union organizers are not calling for creators to cancel their projects or for backers to boycott the platform at this time. However, we recognize that the situation between Kickstarter management and its employees is still developing.

In that light, we’ve discussed the issue both internally and with John, and we all agree we need to take a week to consider our future with Kickstarter, and assess whether or not we can continue to use the platform in good faith. Accordingly we’ll be delaying the launch of the Agon KS.

We welcome your thoughts and comments in the intervening time.