2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Product Selection

No matter your budget, we have something for the gamer on your gift list.

It’s the holiday season and you’re stumped for something new to give that gamer in your life. We are here to help!

For the Crossover Gamer

Scum & Villainy, Dresden Files Accelerated, Monster of the Week, Uprising RPG If your friend has other geeky interests (and what geek can constrain themselves to just one thing?) these titles may engage their fandom and inspire some great gaming.

Scum & Villainy takes the engine of critically-acclaimed Blades In The Dark and launches it deep into the depths of the galaxy. You are a motley crew of scoundrels, striving to keep your ragtag ship flying amid powerful criminal syndicates, warring noble families, dangerous aliens, and strange mystics. All while trying to outrun the iron fist of the Galactic Hegemony.

  • Perfect for: Fans of Star Wars, Cowboy Bebop, or Firefly.
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Dresden Files Accelerated pares down the game mechanics and updates the Dresdenverse to the latest canon of the books so you can jump right in to all the action. Take a jaunt through the Nevernever, stand up to the Black Court, and sit down for a pint at Mac’s. This book contains all you need to make it happen.

  • Perfect for: Fans of the Dresden Files (obvs) or anyone looking to run an urban fantasy campaign.
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For those who hear the lonesome, aching howls that call to them from the deep shadows of the woods, it’s Monster of the Week. Popularized by the big arc on The Adventure Zone podcast this year, Monster of the Week is an action-horror RPG where extraordinary individuals track down the mysterious cryptids that threaten the edges of society.

  • Perfect for: Fans of The Adventure Zone, the X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural or any one of about 90 different cryptid conspiracy podcasts that your friend “ironically” listens to each week.
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Uprising takes the world of The Resistance, Coup, and One Night Revolution and brings these popular boardgames to the tabletop. Rise up and defy the corporations in a gritty, cyberpunk version of Paris. A custom skin of the Fate rules expressly reflects the intrigue of the Dystopian Universe, where no one is exactly what they seem.

  • Perfect for: The geek who loves social deduction games, cyberpunk, or Bladerunner.
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for the whole gaming group

Looking for a gift you can give everybody in your gaming group? A little goes a long way.

Improv for Gamers. Whether you want more authentic relationships and roleplaying or just want to practice sharing the spotlight so everyone gets a chance to shine, Improv for Gamers contains advice and group exercises designed to take the skills of your tabletop or live-action gaming group to a new level.  No improv experience necessary.

  • Perfect for: Any group that really enjoys roleplaying. LARPers and story-gamers of all stripes.
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Fate Points! You’re welcome to keep using poker chips, nickels, or Skittles if that’s your jam but we promise our new Fate Points offer a very satisfying tactile experience in play. About the size of a quarter but much thicker, these iridescent blue tokens come debossed with the Fate logo on one side and a starburst on the other. They offer a pleasant heft in the hand.

  • Perfect for: Your Fate group, or anyone who needs something to fidget with.
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Fate Dice! What good gamer doesn’t need more dice? (Rhetorical question! It was a rhetorical question!) This year we released several new packs of Fate dice to fit your needs and budget. Our Fate Fire Dice come in a pack of 4 and costs just $6 bucks. The dark blue Midnight pack features exotic glow-in-the-dark inking. And who can resist the fiendish allure of our multi-layered Infernal Dice? Finally if you want to pick up one set for the whole table, for $15 you can get our new Accelerated Core pack, featuring 12 dice in iridescent hues of aqua, green, and lavender.

  • Perfect for: Your favorite Fate gamer or dice collector.
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for the tinkerer

Fate Horror Toolkit, Adversary Toolkit, and Tachyon Squadron

We created Fate so you could run your game, your way. We’ve also created a whole line of tools to help you do that.

The Fate Horror Toolkit doesn’t just give you advice on how to develop and explore a horror game, it covers the complete components and themes of horror with a discerning eye so that your horror game doesn’t turn into a horrible experience.

  • Perfect for: Fans of everything from Friday the 13th to The Walking Dead to The Ring to Cabin In The Woods.
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The Fate Adversary Toolkit is far from your traditional “build a better monster” book. It offers a variety of ideas, mechanics, and hacks to help you make the most out of every obstacle in your game. Whether it’s the classic big bad guy or the environment itself, the Fate Adversary Toolkit will help you use your opposition to develop high stakes, engaging drama and challenge your party.

  • Perfect for: Anyone who GMs. Fate or otherwise.
  • Buy here.

Tachyon Squadron tells the tale of daring space aces and their tense dogfights deep in the depths of interstellar space. If you’re a fan of Battlestar Galactica or the trench-run scenes and space battles found across the Star Wars movies, this game is squarely aimed at you. But we include it here in the Tinker category because of its innovative dogfight system. With very little adaptation you can take the unique engagement mechanics found here and run a Battle Of Britain campaign or simulate the street-racing exploits of the Fast & Furious franchise. The twists on Stress and Decompression will also inspire your penchant for game hacking.

  • Perfect for: Fans of BSG, Top Gun, and Star Wars, as well as GMs looking to hack together a WWII dogfighting game or street racing campaign.
  • Buy here.

for an especially tight budget

Arecibo PWYW PDF

We understand not everyone can afford everything on this list. Fortunately, through the generosity of our Patreon backers, we have an entire line of Pay What You Want PDF titles. Whether you want to play dead superspies encoded into normie bodies (The Agency), ambitious warlocks struggling to control their daemons (Grimoire), British men-in-black (The Ministry), or futuristic genesplicers (The Crisp Line), we have something to spur your interest at a price you can afford – even Scooby Doo-style 70s cartoon hijinks (Weird World News).

But we want to draw your attention to one title in particular. Arecibo mixes Stranger Things with a dash of Lovecraft and a kaiju threat, all set on the island of Puerto Rico. All profits generated by this title through the end of 2018 go to UNIDOS, the Hispanic Federation’s disaster recovery and relief program which provides benefits to those affected by Hurricane Maria. So far we’ve raised nearly $1000 for this program. It’s not too late to raise more.

Our Pay What You Want line is not just easy on the wallet, it’s also a great way to introduce your gaming group to Fate. The worlds are concise and engaging, PCs and NPCs are typically included, and most feature a sample adventure. In short, they’re perfect for a quick, holiday one-shot.

We hope you’ve found this list helpful. Thanks for all your support this year, and rest assured: we have even more in store here in 2019. Happy holidays and good gaming!