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Fill out the application below for your chance to get first dibs on the playtest document.








Group Application

This application is for signing up to be considered for playtesting Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple. This is an application for an entire group, so we're just looking to hear from the group's best representative, not everyone in the group. Multiple applicants from the same group won't increase your chances or anything!

So, above all, please be honest! We're looking for a broad mix of group types, so it's hard to give a "wrong" answer to any of the questions here.

Some browsers will automatically submit a form if you hit "return" while in a text field. Be careful not to do so until you're done with the form! If you do this the application won't be submitted -- make sure to fill it out all the way to the end. You can usually hit the "tab" key to jump between fields.

Section Zero (Who you are)

This stuff isn't optional. Make sure to fill it out. And don't worry -- we won't be using this email address for anything other than contacting you about the playtesting stuff!
Email Address:

Section One (The Basics)

This first section covers the basics -- the composition of your group, frequency of play.

1a. How many playtest sessions do you plan to run?

1b. How many players will you have in your playtest group? How long will a typical playtest session be?

1c. How frequently do you get together for gaming? (daily, weekly, monthly)

1d. Are you familiar with any of the following? Which ones?
Avatar: the Last Airbender
• Narratives in the form of written correspondence, like Dear Mr. Henshaw
• Episodic adventure series such as Doctor Who, Star Trek or Stargate SG-1
• "Coming-of-Age Road Trip" stories such as Stand By Me or Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
• Wuxia films, like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Hero
• Anime like FLCL or Mononoke

1e. Please list any other media that you think would be related to any of the above.

1f. Have you or any member of your group ever written fan-fiction? If so, what media property was the fan fiction based on?

1g. What RPGs have you enjoyed?

1h. What board games have you enjoyed?

1i. How much experience have you had teaching and learning new games?

1j. How would you characterize the tabletop gaming experience level of the group as a whole?

1k. Are you all experienced gamers, are you newcomers to the hobby, or is there a broad range of experience across the group?

Section Two (Getting Detailed)

Here we're going to get into the particulars of your group: composition, experience, and preference.

2a. Describe your playtest group in brief (including age range, gender mix).

2b. How do members of your group prefer learning new games?

2c. How long have the members of your group played RPGs and/or board games?

2d. Do you prefer RPGs, board games or both equally?

2e. What's your previous playtesting experience like?

2f. How comfortable are you with learning new rules systems?

2g. How comfortable are your players with learning new rules systems?

2h. How comfortable are you with role-playing games that do not use dice?

2i. How comfortable are you with board games that have story and character elements?

2j. How would you describe your players' preferences in gaming? Do you play "to win," play "for story," "both" or "neither"?

2k. What is your usual campaign length? (one-shots, short-shots, etc.)

Section Three (Make Your Case)

Here, we're going to give you a chance to "make your case". Sell us on your group!

3a. Beyond the details you've provided already, why would you say your group is an ideal choice for playtesting?

3b. How extensive do you think you'll be able to be with your feedback? If you've done playtesting before, show us an example!

3c. What sorts of playtesting activities do you think your group won't be ideal for, and why?

3d. What questions didn't we ask you in this application that we should have? Answer them!

Spam Prevention & Submission

If you are a real human, type PILGRIM (all caps) in the following field.

Click the button to submit your application!

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