Retailer Information

Interested in Carrying Our Products?

If you are a retailer looking to carry Evil Hat products, you’re in luck — you can order them at a competitive retailer discount through Indie Press Revolution (IPR), Alliance Game Distributors, ACD, Lion Rampant, Esdevium, PHD, and more.

Buying from IPR

IPR represents dozens of small press publishers, and that number is growing regularly. With an extensive product catalog, IPR is able to provide a retailer such as you with tons of fresh games from the new frontier of RPGs.

Evil Hat Productions is proud to offer its product catalogue through IPR, and encourages retailers like you to contact IPR today and set up an account. It’s a partnership that will reward you and your customers for many years to come, and will give you access to a broad catalog of products you can’t get through other channels — more than just our own. To learn more about IPR’s retailer program, and to see which other retailers have already signed up, visit IPR’s Retailer Page for the details.

Buying from Other Distributors

Evil Hat also works with a number of other games distributors.  While we encourage retailers to consider IPR for its selection of small-press “indie” style games — a great way to add variety and spice to your RPG section — we’re also interested in providing you with alternatives.

Buying Directly From Evil Hat

We are still new to handling our own fulfillment directly, but we’re willing to arrange for a direct deal with you if you’re not interested in signing up with IPR.  Please contact us and let us know and we’ll discuss terms!

Evil Hat Wants To Support You

While we do a lot of our business through online sales, we have a firm commitment to support our friends in brick and mortar retail stores.  We’re interested in being in cooperation with you — not in competition with you.  That’s why we’ve launched our pro-retail PDF Guarantee program. If a customer buys one of our products from your store, we will thank them with a free PDF of that product at no additional cost, so long as our online Print+PDF bundle of that product doesn’t charge more for the PDF portion.  That way we’re not tempting customers away from you with product offers you can’t match.

We’ve extended this idea when we have products in preorder as well, working with retail stores to provide an “instant content preorder” — the customer preorders the game through your store, and we give you the PDF to burn to CD and hand to them right then and there. Your customer walks out with instant access to the unreleased game, and you walk away with a confirmed sale.

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