Project Status

Updated information on all of our products in production.

Don’t Turn Your Back – In layout and editing till January 2015. Kickstarter launching Q1 2015.

Role-Playing Games

Atomic Robo – In stores now! Order Here

Atomic Robo – Majestic 12 supplement – Setting material written. System Development through January 2014.

Bubblegumshoe – Editing due by End of December. Additional content being added by December 2014.

Do: Fate of the Flying Temple – Post play-test draft complete. Undergoing system review till end of December 2014.

Don’t Hack This Game – Project taken offline. No ETA.

Dresden Files Accelerated – Alpha Playtest Complete – Playtest Feedback Integration through January 2015.

Dresden Files RPG: Paranet Papers – Proofing Layout. Estimated printing in Q1 2015.

Dresden Lives – Internal Editing through end of January 2014. Beta playtesting starting early Q1 2015.

Monster of the Week – Printing. Shipping in February 2015.

Shadow of the Century – Writing and Development. No ETA.

War of Ashes – Beta Playtest revisions complete. Internal playtesting through January 2015.

Young Centurions – Editing wrapping up December 2014. Playtesting in Q1 2015.

Fate Worlds and Adventures

Blood on the Trail – Writing Due December 2014.

Fist of Flames – System Development through December 2014.

Eagle Eyes –  – Art Commissioned due end of January 2015.

Gods and Monsters – Internal Playtesting till end of December 2014.

House of Bards – Writing. Estimated in review January 2015.

Out of Shelter – Editing through January 2015.

Psychedemia – Writing Complete. Editing until Oct 2014.

Romance is in the Air – Complete – Pay What You Want from DriveThruRPG.

Sails Full of Stars – Editing until January 2015.

Masters of Umdaar – Writing through December 2015.

Slip – Writing through January 2015.

Nest – Writing through January 2015.

Frontier Spirit – Writing through January 2015.

Three Rocketeers – Writing through January 2015

Venture City Powers – Outline Development in December 2015.

Save Game – Complete – Pay What You Want from DriveThruRPG.

Secrets of Cats – Complete – Pay What You Want from DriveThruRPG. Print run due January 2015.

The Aether Sea –  Complete – Pay What You Want from DriveThruRPG.

Venture City Stories – Complete – Pay What You Want from DriveThruRPG

Board and Card Games

Zeppelin Attack – Available now! 


Dinocalypse Forever – Finished. Printing in Q1 2015.

Pharaoh of Hong Kong – Writing Complete. Review through December 2015.

Sally Slick and the Miniature Menace – Writing starting Q1 2015.

Stones Throe – Proofing through December 2015.


Designers & Dragons – Kickstarter completed! Books due to ship December 2014.