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5-40 16+ 3-8 hr TBD

Fate Core

Harry Dresden has faced down fallen angels, brilliant mobsters, and faery knights. Now it’s your turn.

Dresden Lives is the live-action roleplaying game set in the world of Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files novels. Adapted from the Dresden Files RPG and Fate Core, Dresden Lives contains all the story and system you need to get started. Design your own Dresdenverse character with custom powers and unique abilities. Learn to LARP from characters in the books, complete with commentary from Harry’s friends. Live the dream. Write the nightmare. It’s live-action roleplaying the way only Dresden can do it. Or at least, the way he would do it, if he ever had a free weekend.

Dresden Lives features…

  • An original system for City Creation to bring your setting to life
  • Advice for new LARP gamers and storytellers
  • A comprehensive guide to designing Antagonists
  • A full list of LARP-ready character templates to inspire new Dresdenverse sagas
  • Ideas for hacks, twists, and additions to customize your experience
  • A guide to converting your tabletop Dresden Files RPG characters to the LARP system

So, what do you say? Let’s meet at some Accorded Neutral Territory and bring the Dresden adventure to life. Dresden lives!


Dresden Lives
Number of players: 5-40
Age of players: 16+
Length: 3-8 hours
Type of Game: Live Action Roleplaying Game
Languages Available: English
Suggested Retail: TBD
Format: Hardcover/Softcover Book and Digital Formats (PDF, Mobi, ebook)
Length: TBD
Game Creators: Shoshana Kessock, Josh Harrison, John Adamus


Alpha playtesting is complete. Beta playtesting will start in Q1 2015.