Designers and Dragons

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Designers & Dragons CoverEverything you’ve wanted to know about the origins of roleplaying games…

Designers & Dragons: The ’70s is a comprehensive picture of the beginnings of the RPG industry. The first in a four volume series, this book has more interesting tidbits than a hundred pop up videos. Learn about the colorful history of TSR and the wave of D&D inspired games (and gaming companies) to follow, and dip your toes into wargaming trivia. Whether you’re a long-time gamer who greets each mention of a ’70s title with “I remember that!” or a new-to-the-hobby sort who wants to know how we got here in the first place, Shannon Appelcline’s meticulously researched history won’t disappoint.

Meet the characters behind the characters and the gamers behind the games in Designers & Dragons: The ’70s!

Companies covered include: TSR, Flying Buffalo, Games Workshop, GDW, Judges Guild, Metagaming Concepts, Fantasy Games Unlimited, Chaosium, Gamescience, Heritage Models, Grimoire Games, DayStar West Media, and Midkemia Press. PLUS, Ten Things You Might Not Know About Roleplaying in the ’70s, and an extensive bibliography and index. All in all, over 50,000 new words over the previous edition!